May 22 2013

Hello, there! I can’t blame you for staring. Everyone does. After all, how many cats have long blonde hair and blue eyes? My unique coloring comes from my rich heritage. I’m the proud descendent of ragdoll and Siamese cats. From my ragdoll roots, I inherited my silky coat and my love of snuggling. My Siamese background gives me my blue eyes and my adventurous spirit. I’m very friendly and outgoing, and I love to meet new people! In fact, my friends at Wayside call me a “sidekick” because I want to be your best friend and help you with everything you do. I’ll stick by you through thick and thin, as long as you don’t go near any dogs or little kids-those scare me. If you have them in your house, I hope you’ll choose a different waif to take home. If you have an adult-only, dog-free home, I know we’ll get along just fine. I might need some help brushing my coat and keeping it from getting matted, but that’s easy! I don’t make a fuss when people brush me. I’m very easy to get along with, and the only bad thing my old human had to say about me is that I bothered her allergies. I didn’t want to make her sick, so we decided it was best if I came here to Wayside where I could find a new home. If you need a constant companion to shower you with love (and fur), please spend some time with me. Give me a chance to shine!

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