The Increbible Izzy

izzyIzzy is a staff and volunteer favorite because she’s got such a darn cute face, loves to play by batting around small objects, and is the best lap sitter ever! She’s declawed so nobody needs to worry their nice things might get scratched, as this lovely tabby can’t possibly do that anymore. However, she doesn’t like you to touch her paws. The last time a human got near them, major surgery happened, so she doesn’t trust us humans around her paws anymore.

If you touch her paw, she’ll usually give you a warning somehow. She might shoot you a dirty look; flick her tail in annoyance, hiss, or swat. She might also nip you if you ignore her instructions to stop touching her paw. For that reason, we won’t send her to a home with children who may not be savvy at reading signals from animals when they’d like to be left alone.

When you meet this sweet kitty, she would like to sniff your hand for a few seconds just like dogs do with new people they encounter. She’d also be more comfortable if you speak softly and stand sideways, not looking directly into her eyes at first, as if you’re staring her down. Then reach out to pet her and she’ll soon be purring for you and enjoying the attention.

She loves petting more than anything in the world. She likes laps and attention, and will purr up a storm for you, then lick your nose to give you kitty kisses. She likes scratches under her chin, down her back, up her forehead, around her cheeks etc. She loves to sit on your lap and keep you company while you watch TV. She snuggles into the crook of your arm and falls asleep.

She doesn’t like other cats and we don’t know about her experience with dogs, so she needs a home where she can be the only pet. She’s been with us since last summer looking for the perfect family. Living so closely with so many other cats was stressing her out, so she’s now in a foster family where she has more personal space and less interaction with other animals. Her foster family has cats too, but Izzy has her own room and only interacts with the others when she chooses to.

She’ll hiss at them to stay away and might chase one off the couch if she’s already up there and settled in, but will share the couch if there’s enough space between and if everyone behaves themself. Unfortunately she hasn’t warmed up to them at all, so would really only be content in a home as the only pet. She’d be so happy with a whole house or apartment to explore without being afraid of other animals. Isn’t that reasonable?

Izzy’s weight had risen to an unhealthy number, so she’s been on a diet. She’s lost 3 pounds so far and needs to continue with that until she reaches her target weight. She will need an owner who’s willing to clean out the litter box every day, scooping the used bits. She uses her litter box faithfully if it’s kept clean for her. She also would benefit from having her ears cleaned regularly.

Her foster mother sums her up for potential adopters. “Izzy is a lady who knows what she wants. If she has a clean litter box, a home without other pets and kids, a few soft cushions and a sunny window, she’ll be a happy cat. When she’s happy, she plays often and makes you laugh with her silly antics. She makes you feel special showering you with love and affection. I’ll miss her terribly when she leaves, but I’ll be happy knowing she’ll have the home of her dreams. She’s been waiting so long for the perfect person or two. I hope her search ends soon and that you can meet this sweet and loving kitty. She’ll be waiting for you!”

Written by Michelle Cour
Photos by Catherine L. Sherman

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