Meet Noah

Noah is looking for his forever home

Noah is looking for his forever home

Hi! I am Noah. Or, if you prefer, you can call me Handsome! The ladies around here swoon when I give them one of my stunning smiles. And the men are proud to be seen with me as we take our walks. I came to Wayside from another shelter after they ran out of room. I had originally been adopted and then returned by my owner for being too active. I guess they didn’t want a dog who likes to have fun and keep on top of things! I’m a 2 yr old Bulldog/Great Pyrenees mix. Yep! Wayside even did a DNA test. You are welcome to the results when you choose ME as your forever dog!

I am a staff favorite! And I love the people here who are trying so hard to find me the perfect home. It warms my heart. I really need a breed savvy owner who will understand how important it is to continue my training and mental exercises. It is also important to note how crucial daily exercise will be for me. Not just playing in the back yard, but really giving me a work out. I am smart as a whip and so willing and eager to learn new things. You’d be able to challenge yourself and me to see how much I can learn. I’m the perfect dog for fun activities like dock diving, Frisbee, hide and seek with cookies around the house and yard…there is no end! I could be one of those dogs who could appear with you on Letterman doing stupid pet tricks. But with me, they’d have to call it smart pet tricks! The sky’s the limit with me!

Above all, I am a people dog! I love love love my people and appreciate hanging with them much more than other dogs. In fact, I will do best in a home as the only dog. I just love being your one and only companion. We will bond so closely and I will be your loyal and loving friend for life. Yep, I’m looking for a forever home! No more of these shelters for me. Time to live in a home with a family dedicated to helping me become the dog I’m meant to be. I offer you my heart in return! And what a big heart it is! Please come in to Wayside to meet me. I may be a goofy doofus when we first meet but give me time and you’ll get an idea of my true character.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

P.S. Watch my video to learn more about me!

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