Meet Plata!

Meet Plata!

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Hello, I’m Plata and I’m an easy-going companion. I was found in a box with my kittens in a parking lot. I guess my family didn’t think they could take care of us any more. My kittens are weaned and on their own now, so I’m ready for my own forever home.

My feline-ality type is Personal Assistant. We are the type of cats who are reasonably brave and very friendly. I’m also really mellow. During my feline-ality assessment, after I stepped out of my carrier and walked around the room to check everything out, I walked back into the carrier and sat down to see what happens next.

Even though I’m six years old, I still like to play, and during my assessment I got bored when the nice lady was adding up my score, so I batted at the ball that she had left lying on the floor. Then I jumped in her lap and that was nice.

I’m also FIV positive. That means that my immune system is compromised, and if I get sick I will probably need vet care. But unless I get sick, I’m as healthy as any other cat. There aren’t any medications or treatments, and usually you would never know that a cat is FIV positive. The disorder is transmitted – to cats only! – via close personal contact. You and the dog are safe, but I shouldn’t be housed with non-FIV positive cats, to protect them just in case.

I have been using my litter box here just fine, and I’ve been sweet and friendly to everyone here.

You won’t have to worry about kittens with me any more, because the nice vet here already spayed me. I think it will be a nice break, after six years of having kittens.

If you are looking for a sweet, friendly, mellow cat, you should stop by and see me. I’ll be glad to make your acquaintance!


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