Aug 20 2012

Meet Lola!

Hi, I’m Lola, a 2 year old Catahoula Leopard dog – sweet, calm, easy to walk, and a laid back love of a girl, who is lonely here at Wayside. I’m a gentle soul, and I can be a little shy and slow to warm up to you. I’m quiet a lot of the time. I’m also a little bit intimidated by other dogs barking and going crazy in their kennels. The noise here can sometimes be too much for a girl like me. I don’t like dogs going crazy on leash either, so I try to avoid them when I’m out walking the Wayside campus. I walk like a little dreamboat on leash by the way. Right by your side. Oh ok, maybe a little bit of weaving in front too, but, I’m slow and deliberate. I don’t need to have a wild time on a walk – I like to stop and smell an occasional rose, and I just like to take my time being close to you and enjoying life. Don’t get me wrong, though; I can go fast if you’d like, and it would probably be a better way to burn some calories. I guess you can say I will match your pace.

I also really like to have you pet me. We sat under a tree for awhile today – my new friend and I – and I loved every moment of that. She was brushing my fur, and I was loving the scratching and stroking and the way she was talking to me in a low but friendly way. I am a little shy and unsure of myself in my kennel. When you walk by, I can look scared. Well, you would be scared here, too! It is loud, dogs barking all the time, doors slamming, cleaning machines running, music and people talking and saying so many things that I don’t understand. Sometimes I come racing up to the door, though; usually because I’m scared of you, and I want to tell you that I’m nervous. Yes, you would think that I would be a little more self assured and confident, but I’m sorry, I’m just not. I’m trying though, and I hope that if you come to meet me, you will ask to take me on a walk away from the shelter. Maybe you will bring a brush and use it on my coat? I will lean into you and ask you to keep petting me, to keep loving me, to help me know how much you care.

Because of some of my behaviors and my shyness and nervousness in unfamiliar situations, Wayside has decided that I’d probably do best in a home without children. I do agree, and I hope that you have a calmer, more relaxed environment for me. I don’t know whether kids have teased me in my past or if their faster and more unpredictable movements just make me nervous, but I’m hoping that someone will fall in love with me that can offer me a home where I can feel safe and secure.

Please come to Wayside and find me and fall in love. My bags are packed, and I’m oh so ready to head home with you!

Love from Lola

Aug 10 2012

Diary Of A Frustrated Housecat

Dear Diary,


I’m a little down and need a friend to talk to. You see, I’ve been at Wayside for a while and I still don’t have a family. Check out my photos. Aren’t I a cutie with my colorful calico/tortie coat and beautiful eyes? I have a personality that’s lively and active and would make a wonderful pet for someone. But many people here are wary of me and think that I get mad, because a couple of times I’ve bitten a human. They’re wrong. I was just scared – of too many strangers trying to meet me; of too many toys I’d never seen before being waved at me or thrown at me; and most of all, because I ran out of time at my last shelter and was so worried the same thing would happen to me here again.

I was wrong too. I’ve learned toys are fun and not weapons that will hurt me. I’ve learned to recognize the faces of friends who come to see me and I enjoy their visits. Most important of all, I can take all the time I need to find the purr-fect family for me with no time limit.  I have one big challenge though – that bad reputation that’s sticking to me like white on rice.  I guess I’ll have to educate humans about myself.





We calicos are not difficult to get along with if you understand us. We’re more feisty than other cats, and along with tortoiseshells, are called the redheads of the cat world. That’s a good thing.  Do you really want a cat so sweet and bland as June Cleaver? Or one who’s sassy and fun like Lucy Ricardo? We get over-stimulated easily, so need time to settle down before petting. I prefer to head butt you or rub on you, rather than you petting me sometimes. If you must, just a few strokes please. Happily, many independent cats turn into total love bugs when we get a family and fall in love with our humans. Getting out of the shelter where we have to share humans helps too. Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention?



The staff limits my visitors to experienced cat people who understand cats like me, and just certain cats to play with. I have time out of my kennel to play and run around, so I can work off some of my excess energy. I had a good friend who got adopted recently who used to chase me up and down the halls. It was fun. Since I’m such a smart young lady, I get to learn tricks too, like jumping through a hoop or touching a stick with my nose. I like training; it makes me feel good to learn things and to accomplish something. It’s a thrill to hear all the “good girls” and other praise from the staff and volunteers for my hard work too. 

The only thing missing, Dear Diary, is a home of my own. There’s nothing quite like having your very own people and your very own space, that you don’t have to share with anybody. Nobody other cats will rub their cheeks and leave their scent behind. It will all be mine! The nice people here tell me not to worry, somebody is coming that is perfect for me – it just has to be the right somebody. I wonder who they are and what they look like. Short, tall, skinny or fat?  I don’t care. Young, middle aged or senior? I don’t care. Man, woman, couple, family?  I don’t care about that either, as long as there are no dogs or small kids who might not know how to interact with me. As long as they’re patient and love me, I’m good with anybody. 


I wonder what kind of home we’ll have. I’d love a place with a sunroom, screened porch or catio, where I could experience the outdoors safely from inside. I’m not spoiled, just daydreaming like you probably do about your ideal home. Actually, a townhouse or apartment with an open window where I can smell the outside scents in nice weather works too. Looking out the window is one of my favorite things to do. Here at Wayside, I watch the dogs and people walking around outside and the construction crew remodeling our building. Supervising them all is a full time job, but I don’t mind. I like to be useful. A soft cushion or bed for my naps is heaven too. Most of all, I want someone to love who will love me back, so I can live happily ever after. I hope they’re coming very soon too. Do you think they are, Dear Diary?



Written by Michelle Cour



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