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You walk right up to us on the adoption floor at Wayside.  Two dogs sitting together in a small kennel.   Different ages, different breeds and very different personalities.   Only one kennel card, though; and it mentions that we must go to a home together because we are bonded.  How does this happen, you ask?                                                                                                                  

Right now, Wayside has four bonded pairs of dogs that need homes that can take two.  We are called “dynamic duos”.  We have grown up together and love each other more than anything in the world.  Duos come to Wayside in a number of different ways, but one very common way is through owner surrender.   Sometimes owners reach an age where they could no longer care for two dogs, so they surrender us with the promise that we will find a new home together. They made the two of us part of their family somewhere along life’s journey. Maybe they rescued one of us from a pound, and then later they found our sibling abandoned alongside the road in the middle of nowhere. Their hearts went out to both of us, and that’s how we became a family. It’s as simple as that. Hey, sometimes we fought a little as we grew up, but most of the time we played, loved and came to depend upon each other, just like families do.   We aren’t so very different from you humans. 

When surrendering us to Wayside, our owners made sure Wayside knew we needed to go to our new home together. Maybe our family surrendered us because they had to move into assisted living that doesn’t accept even one dog, let alone two. Sometimes our owners just can’t get around well enough any longer to give us the walks and play time that we want and need so much. Aging can be so hard. Oh, no doubt our owners asked (perhaps even begged) for friends or family to take us in.  Sad looks and mumbled “we’re sorry, we just can’t” were probably the responses to the request.  That must have been hard.  A wave of panic surely set in.  What will happen to my beloved dogs? 

Oh, it wasn’t because we wouldn’t be good dogs in a new home that forced people to say no to us.  Actually, we’ll be wonderful dogs for most adopters. It’s just that usually people already have at least one dog or cat, and adding two new dogs into that mix can just be too much.  We completely understand, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier on us.  Wayside’s promise provides at least some peace of mind to our families. While a shelter isn’t exactly ideal, oftentimes it is the only option left.  It may be tough going for us while at the shelter; but, we do gain a temporary family of volunteers and staff and such safety and love here while we wait. 

We will never understand exactly what happened before coming to Wayside. Our owners seemed sad and anxious in the days leading up to surrendering us. We sensed something was different, but we couldn’t possibly imagine what was to come. One day we all go for a car ride and a short while later we enter Wayside with all of the other homeless dogs. Our families simply disappear from our lives. Usually our moms and dads are so sad that they don’t really know how to say goodbye.  Oftentimes they have to make the same huge transition in life that we have to make, and it is never easy on anyone – human or dog. Our families want only what is best for us, and they are sad and miss us as much as we miss them.   Many times our previous owners watch us on the website and want to hear how we are doing while we wait for our new homes.  

Typically duos are sweet, loving, calm, easy going and totally wonderful dogs.  Volunteers fall in love with us very easily and begin to worry about our plight. We probably are seniors ourselves, so we break hearts every single day at the shelter.  It is difficult to see any homeless dog in need of a family, but seeing senior dogs sad or depressed, scared and alone, well, we notice lots of tears in everyone’s eyes when they look at us. 

We are put in a kennel at Wayside built for just one dog but needing now to house two since we belong together. We begin our wait, and our wait can be very long indeed, especially if we are larger sized dogs. Since there are two, adopters who visit Wayside usually pass us by on the adoption floor. Sure, everyone feels bad about us and wishes there was something they could do; but, people always hope that someone else will be the one to step up and help us. Perhaps the next person to walk by might take us home. So, they move on, looking at all the other dogs that need a home. There are always plenty of homeless dogs that need love. We understand.  Adopting a duo sadly just isn’t for everyone. 

There are a few of you, though, a few of you who are reading and thinking about this now, and we hope that you might be able to say yes to us. You are the special few that are blessed that you are able to take two dogs into your home and hearts. Maybe you have a nice, big yard, and a home that is too big for just you. Your life might need what two fun, loving and sweet natured dogs can bring to it. You just haven’t given it much thought – this idea of taking two is new to you.   You weren’t even aware that some of us are in need of a home that must be able to take a pair. 

If you are already considering getting one dog, probably one of the best reasons in the world to at least consider adopting a dynamic duo is that we will keep each other company while you are away at work.  People have busy lives and need to be away from home a lot.  Since we are already a bonded pair, we can transition more easily into a home together. Lots of adopters come to Wayside every day looking for a friend for their existing dog for this very reason. They want their pal to have a pal. Hey, you won’t feel bad when you have to head out the door and go to work each morning if you adopt us. You won’t feel guilt.  You can just give us a kiss goodbye and ask us to take care of the place for you. No problem at all, you can count on us! We promise to protect our new home, and we won’t let anything bad happen while you are gone. We’ll curl up on the floor together, we’ll hold each other tight, and we’ll know you are coming back later. We won’t be lonely, not even for a minute! 

There are many other great reasons for adopting a bonded pair of dogs. Here’s a short list of reasons we think you might want to have a dynamic duo in your life!

  • We are already in love with each other, and we are best friends forever!
  • We can take care of each other and keep each other company while you are at work or shopping
  • Dogs are instinctively pack animals and feel happier and more balanced with a dog pal in the home
  • You won’t have to worry about us developing separation anxiety from being home alone
  • We already know how to share our toys, our treats, our beds, our lives – we get along beautifully together!
  • You get twice as much to love – and twice the love back in return!
  • If you already wanted two, getting two that already know how to live together makes it so much easier
  • You get twice as much fun in your life with two of us in it
  • We can play and entertain each other leaving you some quality time to relax after work
  • We will make you smile every day when you see how much we love and care about each other
  • You get a special adoption price when you adopt two dogs together
  • We both have different and unique personalities, so you have twice as much to get to know and appreciate
  • We have usually lived in a home environment, so we are typically housebroken, well mannered, calmer and relaxed, and usually able to be left alone in the house for longer periods of time

Adopters who have taken home a dynamic duo have contacted Wayside to share the joy they feel after rescuing a twosome. They tell us that it was an incredibly rewarding experience to know that they helped not one but two dogs find a forever home. Since two dogs are usually so much harder to adopt out, they feel a greater satisfaction from doing something for animals that not everyone in this world can do. Duo dog adopters are very special people, but they always say that they get so much more back than they have given. They say that their new dogs are the special ones and have brought such happiness to their lives. They express a sense of gratitude for having been given the opportunity to help two dogs find their forever. 

Yes, being a duo in a shelter can be very hard. We are thankful for the chance to find another home together, and we are grateful that we are loved and cared for and that all our new friends want what is best for us. We are very resilient and forgiving creatures. So many duos have left Wayside and found such wonderful families and new homes. We know that is what we are waiting for now, and while the wait can be long and difficult sometimes, we know that in the end it will all be worth it. You will come for us and give us a wonderful and brand new life. We will be forever grateful for your gift to us.  Please give us a chance to be your special new friends.


Love from Wayside’s Dynamic Duos

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