Dec 22 2011

Dear Santa- Love Kookie & Fluffy

Kookie & Fluffy - A Christmas Wish

Kookie & Fluffy - A Christmas Wish

Dear Santa, 

We are counting down the days until your arrival, and we have been baking and sampling new cookie recipes to find the perfect one just for you.  This year we have been extra good because we heard if we were very, very good that our Christmas wish would come true.  We have just one wish, but we will get to that in a bit.  But let us just tell you, we deserve to be happy because we’ve been down on our luck lately!  The majority of this year we lived in a happy, loving family, but sadly, in September, our owner, who was suffering from some health issues, could no longer care for us.  It was terribly sad to leave our home, but we knew that Wayside Waifs would do their very best to care for us and offer us unconditional love and affection.  And they have!  We don’t want to toot our own horns, but we are the favorites of many staff members and volunteers! 

Now you probably know all about us, because we know you see us when we are sleeping and know when we’re awake, but we just wanted to remind you of a few things.  I’m Kookie, age 4 years old, and I’m the cute, chubby, black and white dog.  Fluffy, age 5 years old, is my sister, and she is the cute, chubby, blond dog.  I had to write this for the both of us because Fluffy is blind.  Of course Fluffy, typical older sister, is barking out orders of what she wants me to write.  (She didn’t know I described her as being bossy because, like I said, she is blind and can’t read this!  Hee hee!)  Anyway, it has been a tough time at Wayside.  Not because the staff and volunteers don’t take care of us; they do!  In fact, sometimes we get sick of them because they are constantly pestering us, making sure we have enough treats, toys, and comfy blankets.  And of course, we get out multiple times a day to stretch our legs and take potty breaks.  In fact we have been known to cause quite a spectacle while outside because we are both very vocal and goofy when it comes to getting our backs scratched.  We roll around on the grass getting all of our itchies out.  The cold, dead grass really seems to get those itchy spots just out of paw’s reach!  So you can see that even though Wayside Waifs is an amazing place, it still isn’t a home.  Not a real one!  Not one with a family to call our own.  Not with comfy beds to call our own. 

When it comes right down to telling you what we want this Christmas, the only present we want is a forever family.   You are probably really busy this time of year with all the letters you get from kids all over the world, but we just want you to remember us with Christmas coming up.  We promise to be more nice than naughty, and we promise that we will do our very best to always be on the nice list from now on.  Honestly that shouldn’t be a problem because we are very sweet girls.  We love to snuggle and give kisses.  We are very well behaved, and you couldn’t ask for two dogs that are better on a leash.  We are housebroken and terrific girls overall.  Sadly, our age and Fluffy’s blindness has proved to be too much for some folks.  And unfortunately, it seems that adopting two dogs is just too much for some people.  We really are the best of friends, and we promise that if you send us a family to love us, we won’t let them down.  We will love them unconditionally and take care of them always!  Maybe somebody out there is writing you a letter at this very minute wanting a dog or two of their own.  Maybe we can be the answer to somebody else’s Christmas wish! 

Merry Christmas, Santa!  We hope you have safe travels!

Love, Kookie and Fluffy

Dec 16 2011

Felicity & Duke’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

It’s Felicity and Duke here, sweet, friendly, and affectionate, and we want one thing for Christmas…a new home!  And in that new home, we’re looking for our very own family to take care of and love, who will do the same for us.  Yep, if we can just get that, we’ll be the luckiest, richest, most appreciative dogs in the whole world. 

So, we suppose you’re wondering what we’ve done to deserve such a wonderful gift, right?  Well, first and foremost, we are being so very patient as we wait…and wait…and wait for our new family to come.  We never lose faith though, we never get irritated or in a bad mood, we never stop wagging our tails.  We have been told that it will be very hard to find us a home together.  We are 9 (me, Felicity!) and 8 (me, Duke!) years old, we are big black lab mixes, and we need a home without cats or other small, furry animals.  We know our family will come though!  The magic of the Christmas Season will bring them to us.  And when we get settled in, we promise to be really good dogs!  Really, we will!

Santa, we were adopted out a few months ago to a home that we adored and who adored us.  They said we were affectionate, friendly to everyone we met, including grandkids, well behaved in the house, fully housebroken.  But we had an issue with the resident cat and so we couldn’t stay.  That’s the only thing wrong we’ve done all year, we promise!  One little naughty and so much nice, yet here we are, homeless again. 

Please, oh please, do you think you could find us a home for Christmas?  One with a dog bed for each of us and people around to take us for walks?  A home where we can relax and just enjoy this delightful life we’ve been given?  We promise to love every moment in our new home, to keep each other company at all times and never fight, to follow all rules, to be the best dogs we can possibly be.

Thank you, Santa, for remembering two very special dogs this year.   We are so grateful!  And we are reminded of the old adage…the one about it being better to give than to receive.  We believe this will be someone’s chance to make such a difference by giving…giving a brand new home to two very deserving dogs.  And because of that giving, our new family will receive…receive our love and devotion every single day.  Please send someone soon!

Love, Felicity and Duke

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