May 20 2011

Meet Lambie

Hi there! My name is Lambie, a sweet and shy, but so much fun, gentle soul, searching ever so patiently for my place in this big world. I’m a one year old, partially housetrained Beagle mix. And at just under 30 pounds, I’m a perfect size to fit comfortably next to you on the couch or beside you in my dog bed. I will be such a good girl for you, I promise!

My owner surrendered me to Wayside because she was moving and couldn’t take me with her. Shelter life is scary and stressful for me. I hadn’t been socialized much at all, so I really don’t know a lot of the things that other dogs know. I had never been on a leash until the day I was brought to Wayside. I’m trying to make up for lost time now. Walks are crazy awesome! In my new home and for the rest of my life, I would like to go for a walk, on a leash, every single day. How does that sound?

I’m making lots of progress here at Wayside, but I know I have a long way to go in my search for my “just being a dog” goal. I’m looking for training, attention, understanding, and patience in my new home. I know that’s a lot to ask, but don’t I deserve that? I’m learning to be more secure and confident now, and part of that is asking for what I need. Well, I need you to show me the way. My main goal in life is to make you happy, but I don’t always know what that means yet. I’m trying so hard, I really am! I can sit for my treats and I’m so adorable with one ear up and one down. It gives me character and makes me so expressive.

In my previous home, I lived with teenage kids and did fine with them. But, because I’m so shy, and quick movements and loud noises are so scary to me, the Wayside staff thinks I will do best in a home without young children. That sounds fine with me. Toddlers are too wild and crazy for dogs like me! And I would like to meet any other dogs you might have before we all go home together. I did live with a Jack Russell Terrier in my previous life, but I don’t always know the most appropriate way to play with other dogs. My whole life is all about learning new stuff these days! It’s a new world for me.

I’m starting to love the attention I’m getting from the volunteers around here! People are awesome, I just never knew! Sometimes I get to go out to the dog park and I have so much fun running and playing and acting goofy and silly. I like to run the fence with the dogs on the other side. I love my doggie treats too.

I’m still very much a puppy, a sweet, adorable, somewhat insecure Beagle puppy. It doesn’t get cuter than that! Do you think maybe you might have room in your life for me? Do you think we could become best buddies? I hope so! I’m actually overflowing with hope that my new home will be everything I dream of!

Love, Lambie

May 12 2011

Meet Doc!

Hi!  I'm Doc

Meet Doc

One look into my chocolate-y brown eyes and try to tell me you aren’t already in love with my sweet face.   Hi, I’m Doc, and I’m a 10-month old, housetrained, crate trained, total love bug of a dog, searching for my new forever family.  Oh boy, I just can’t wait for you to find me.  I was transferred to Wayside from another shelter where I hadn’t been able to find a new home.  When I first arrived, I was very unsure of myself, and my new friends here noticed that I would flinch when their hands moved quickly – as though perhaps someone in my past overcorrected me.  Ah, thankfully all of that was a long time ago.  Now, well now I’m in a super duper foster home, with the best foster family on the planet.  They like to volunteer at Wayside Waifs, and being with volunteers means I’m with people who will love me and want the best for me.   Let me just put a plug in here for the foster families, too.  Do you realize just how great it is that fosters take us in, teach us how to be a great dog in a home, and then, well then after loving us and caring for us and bonding with us, they have to let us go to our forever home?  It is bittersweet for all of us, but especially for the family.  I can’t thank them enough for all the love and training they have so willingly given me. 

They have so much good stuff to say about me, because I’m just the perfect dog.  Oh, ok, I know I need to be completely honest here, so there might be a few minor little things that they will want to mention that I might still need to work on.  Let’s start with the good stuff.   First of all, I’m housebroken!  Yep, that was a snap.  I’m very smart, too.  I know ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘up’ (that’s for kennel up), ‘out’ for outside, and I’m working on ‘come’.   I’m clever, too.  My foster mom says that I’ve been living with her two dogs (a border collie and an older beagle), and the border collie initially decided to hoard all the toys in the house – just so I wouldn’t have anything to play with.  Hey, I call F-O-U-L!  Well, in order to regain control of the situation, I decided that I could outwit, outsmart and outplay her, and I could beat her at her own game.  My foster mom has a vegetable garden in her back yard with a little 3 foot fence around it.  I had noticed that my pal wouldn’t jump that little fence, so I decided that I WOULD, and I’d take each toy, one at a time, into the garden and leave them there.  Ha!  It worked, so now I have all the toys for myself, and she has nothing!  Ok, ok, it is all in the name of fun.  If she wants one, I’ll share, I promise! 

She also has a 6 foot privacy fence in her back yard, and I get to spend a lot of time out there during the day.  There was one time, yes just one time that I decided I had to see what was on the other side of that privacy fence.  Well, in order to do that, I had to do a wee bit of digging.  It wasn’t a lot, and I haven’t done it since, but, I was able to get myself into the neighbor’s yard.  Heck, their yard was just like my yard, so there really isn’t a need to go over there any more.   My doggie pal and I get to play so much during the day, and whew, she really wears me out – she’s a border collie, they can wear any dog out 🙂  My foster mom also takes us on a mile walk every day.  All three of us go together, and I do great on leash.  The only thing that happens sometimes is that if I get a little overheated, well, I like to just stop and lie down and relax for a bit.  There is nothing wrong with doing that, is there?  

I’ve got two human sisters (15 and 17 years old), and believe me, they are the light of my life right now.  When they get home from school every day, the thing we love to do is sit around and cuddle.  That’s right, I love to cuddle, and they do too!  My foster mom says that if you decide to adopt me, you need to know that my ‘sisters’ might want to come with me.  Just think how all of us could rock your world.  Nah, they wouldn’t come, but they would miss me more than anything.   I would love it if you had some kids around.  Don’t forget that I’m still a puppy.  I’ve got more growing and more learning to do.  I can be a bit nippy and jumpy when I play, but that has been changing over time as I’ve settled in.   Sometimes it is just that initial morning burst of energy that brings out the ‘puppiness’ in me.  Once I get past that, I’m a good boy, I really am. 

I love toys and treats!  What self-respecting retriever mix doesn’t?  I chew on nylabones (and an occasional stick or two), and rawhides are absolutely delicious!  I mentioned all the toys before – we’ve got balls, Frisbees, tug toys, you name it!  I like them all.  You will need to remember to watch me about chewing.  It is our natural instinct, so giving me the proper toys to chew on keeps me away from your fancy heels and house slippers.  

My foster mom says that one of her favorite things about me is that I have a smile on my face all the time.  Well, who wouldn’t?  I’m a happy boy, with a bunch of people who love me, something I’d never felt before coming to Wayside and getting hooked up with this wonderful family.   It is hard to start life being mistreated by humans.  Sometimes people just don’t understand how to train a dog to fit into their lifestyle.  But the greatest thing about dogs is that we have the capacity to forgive and forget all kinds of bad treatment.  We focus on the moment we are in, and if that moment is filled with love and kindness, we smile, just like I do, and we just enjoy it.  I have shown my devotion to family over and over again.   It is important that dogs that go to foster get new homes quickly.  It becomes harder and harder for our family to let go – and for us to let go.  I know when you come for me, I’ll be more ready than ever to bond and be the best forever dog in the world for you.  I’m waiting patiently! 

Love from Doc

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