Silver Paws

Playful and adorable puppies and kittens are pretty tough to resist.  Puppy breath!  Tiny paws!  Sweet little meows!  Who can compete against all that cuteness?  You can easily understand the plight of our older waifs who are often overshadowed by the youngsters.


To even the playing field and highlight our more mature animals, Wayside Waifs recently launched the Silver Paws Adoption Program for senior pets.  The adoption fees for all animals over the age of seven will be reduced by half.  Barbara Poe, Manager of Shelter Operations at Wayside Waifs, thinks the reduced adoption fees will encourage more people to consider adopting a senior pet, helping them find new homes more quickly.


About 10% of the animals in the Wayside Waifs Adoption Program are over the age seven.  They are often overlooked by adopters, making their lengths of stay much longer than the younger animals.


However, they are tremendous benefits to adopting a senior pet, and Wayside Waifs hopes the Silver Paws Program will highlight those perks.


“At age seven, these animals are really in their prime and have lots of life left,” said Poe.  “The vast majority of them are housebroken, trained and have excellent house manners.”


Another plus for mature dogs and cats is adopters know exactly what they are getting.  These animals are fully grown and their personalities are fully developed.  There’s no surprise when that little puppy grows much bigger than expected or the kitten turns out to be much different than expected.  You also get to avoid that tumultuous destructive stage when kittens have to learn what they can and can’t scratch, while puppies chew anything they can get their paws on!


Poe adds that most of our senior animals often wind up in our shelter through no fault of their own.  Most are simply victims of unfortunate circumstances: a job loss, death in the family or debilitating illness. 


“There’s something truly amazing about adopting a senior animal,” said Poe.  “The animal will be incredibly committed to you, and they really understand they’ve been rescued.”


Rescued, just in time for a relaxing retirement.  These animals simply need loving homes for their golden years, and a family to love them for their rest of their lives.  The Silver Paws Adoption Program at Wayside Waifs will help them get there.


Posted by Trish Stinger

Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs


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