A Ticket Home- A Microchip for Every Waif

Did you know that one in three pets goes missing during its lifetime?  Without proper identification 90% of them will never find their way home.  Those odds greatly improve with a microchip… a tiny permanent ID that stays with your pet throughout its lifetime. 

As part of Wayside Waifs’ lasting commitment to the animals, we are now including a microchip with every single adoption.  Adoption fees are being adjusted to help offset the additional expense.   

“No one ever plans to lose their pet, but the microchip is extra insurance to directly link that animal back to you,” said Barbara Poe, Wayside Waifs Manager of Shelter Operations.  “We want to make sure we’re doing everything possible to keep our former Waifs in their forever homes, forever.” 

Dozens of lost pets come through the doors of Wayside Waifs every week.  During the admission process, a dedicated team of admission counselors scans each animal for a microchip.  Only about 10% of the lost animals admitted into the facility have a registered microchip.  J.J. is one of the lucky ones. 

The three-year-old German Shepherd came into Wayside Waifs as a stray on December 9th.  The Wayside Waifs admissions team quickly detected a microchip registered to Ronald Scott of Kansas City.  An hour after a Wayside staffer left a message on Scott’s voicemail, he called back saying he was on his way to reclaim J.J.  “We searched for over three weeks, but we were starting to fear he was gone forever,” said Scott.  “Getting the call that he was safe and sound was incredible; I cried the entire way to Wayside.”  Scott was still in tears as he was reunited with J.J., who was overjoyed to see his owner. “My family, including J.J.’s twin brother, was devastated and depressed while he was missing,” he said.  “My daughters dropped to their knees and cried when he came home, and haven’t let go of him since.”  Scott encourages every pet owner to microchip their pets.

“I am extraordinary happy we have the chip; we probably wouldn’t have gotten J.J. back without it,” Scott said.   

Poe cautions that pet owners have to do their part and keep their contact information updated in the microchip registry.  “Every time you move and every time your phone number changes that information needs to be updated so you can be easily located should your pet get lost,” said Poe.  She adds that a microchip should be used in combination with a properly fitted collar and traditional tags.  Pet owners should simply think of a microchip as an insurance policy to help bring your pet back home.  

The Facts 

All About Microchips

 -A microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and is sterile and safe

 -The microchip is inserted under the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades

 -The procedure is similar to a vaccination and, for most animals, is not painful

 -Each microchip contains a number specific to your animal and is connected to your name and contact      information

 -Microchips remain active for the life of the animal and cannot be removed

Wayside Waifs offers discounted pet microchipping to members of the public.  To schedule an appointment, please call 816-986-4452.






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Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs


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