Feb 25 2011

A Ticket Home- A Microchip for Every Waif

Did you know that one in three pets goes missing during its lifetime?  Without proper identification 90% of them will never find their way home.  Those odds greatly improve with a microchip… a tiny permanent ID that stays with your pet throughout its lifetime. 

As part of Wayside Waifs’ lasting commitment to the animals, we are now including a microchip with every single adoption.  Adoption fees are being adjusted to help offset the additional expense.   

“No one ever plans to lose their pet, but the microchip is extra insurance to directly link that animal back to you,” said Barbara Poe, Wayside Waifs Manager of Shelter Operations.  “We want to make sure we’re doing everything possible to keep our former Waifs in their forever homes, forever.” 

Dozens of lost pets come through the doors of Wayside Waifs every week.  During the admission process, a dedicated team of admission counselors scans each animal for a microchip.  Only about 10% of the lost animals admitted into the facility have a registered microchip.  J.J. is one of the lucky ones. 

The three-year-old German Shepherd came into Wayside Waifs as a stray on December 9th.  The Wayside Waifs admissions team quickly detected a microchip registered to Ronald Scott of Kansas City.  An hour after a Wayside staffer left a message on Scott’s voicemail, he called back saying he was on his way to reclaim J.J.  “We searched for over three weeks, but we were starting to fear he was gone forever,” said Scott.  “Getting the call that he was safe and sound was incredible; I cried the entire way to Wayside.”  Scott was still in tears as he was reunited with J.J., who was overjoyed to see his owner. “My family, including J.J.’s twin brother, was devastated and depressed while he was missing,” he said.  “My daughters dropped to their knees and cried when he came home, and haven’t let go of him since.”  Scott encourages every pet owner to microchip their pets.

“I am extraordinary happy we have the chip; we probably wouldn’t have gotten J.J. back without it,” Scott said.   

Poe cautions that pet owners have to do their part and keep their contact information updated in the microchip registry.  “Every time you move and every time your phone number changes that information needs to be updated so you can be easily located should your pet get lost,” said Poe.  She adds that a microchip should be used in combination with a properly fitted collar and traditional tags.  Pet owners should simply think of a microchip as an insurance policy to help bring your pet back home.  

The Facts 

All About Microchips

 -A microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and is sterile and safe

 -The microchip is inserted under the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades

 -The procedure is similar to a vaccination and, for most animals, is not painful

 -Each microchip contains a number specific to your animal and is connected to your name and contact      information

 -Microchips remain active for the life of the animal and cannot be removed

Wayside Waifs offers discounted pet microchipping to members of the public.  To schedule an appointment, please call 816-986-4452.






Posted By Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs


Feb 18 2011

Learning To Save Lives

Vet Students Get Practical Experience at Wayside Waifs

Vet Students Get Practical Experience at Wayside Waifs

The Wayside Waifs Veterinary Clinic is the epicenter of activity at the shelter, and where some of our most important work takes place.  Veterinarians Dr. Cynthia Moon and Dr. Luke Pickett have their hands full overseeing the medical care of more than 300 animals at any given time.  Because each animal has different needs, the Wayside medical team sees just about every type of medical issue you can imagine.  

This unique environment makes Wayside Waifs a perfect place for veterinary students to put what they’ve learned in the classroom in practice.  Wayside Waifs is one of only a handful of animal shelters in the Midwest Region participating in a Veterinary Preceptorship Program with the veterinary colleges at the University of Missouri, Kansas State University and Iowa State University.  

Every two weeks two new veterinary students rotate through the program, living and learning at Wayside.  They receive hands-on experience working with the animals under the tutelage of Dr. Moon and Dr. Pickett.  “It’s a nice opportunity for the students to get spay and neuter surgical experience along with seeing disease control methods in practice,” said Dr. Pickett. 

To welcome the students to Wayside Waifs, their school banners are proudly displayed by the vet clinic.  Wayside also provides them with subsidized accommodations in a cozy housing unit on its 44-acre campus. 

Iowa State students Christine Fanelli and Jordan Nickerson gave their experience at Wayside Waifs rave reviews.  “In just a few days at Wayside, I’ve become faster and more efficient in surgery,” said Fanelli.  “My confidence also got a big boost.”  Nickerson said at school he has an opportunity to perform only two spay/neuter surgeries every two weeks, while at Wayside Waifs he’s able to perform two to three surgeries a day.  During his preceptorship he also treated a dog for heartworms and performed a hernia repair for the first time.  “It is just a great, fun, relaxed environment to learn in,” Nickerson said.  “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills.”  Having students in the vet clinic is also a bonus for Wayside Waifs.  “These vet students provide additional manpower to the vet clinic, and they’re bright, focused, energetic and well-trained,” said Dr. Pickett.  “The program is a win for Wayside and a win for the animals in our care because these students enable us to do more for more animals every day.”

Both Fanelli and Nickerson say their experience at Wayside Waifs provided them with valuable insight into shelter veterinary practices and also steered them in a new career direction.  “I would love to work in a shelter, but if I end up in private practice I will make it a priority to give back through pro bono work with a shelter,” said Fanelli. 

At the end of their two week preceptorship, Dr. Pickett evaluates each student on their medical and patient skills.  The students leave Wayside Waifs armed with additional knowledge, a fresh perspective and valuable hands-on experience that will help propel them towards rewarding careers in veterinary medicine… enabling them to better care for all creatures, great and small.

Written by Ashlee Parker
Communications Relations Manager at Wayside Waifs

Feb 11 2011

Special Gifts for Your Special Valentine!

Are you wondering what to give that special human or fur-baby this Valentine’s Day?  Whisker & Wags has a lot of great gifts!  Check out these ideas:

For the Human Valentine:

1. Red to-go  coffee mug with Wayside Waifs logo heat shield, 12.99.  We also have a special Rescue Me blend of Roasterie Coffee!

2. Keep hydrated with this double insulated tumbler with straw. This tumbler doesn’t sweat and features the Wayside Waifs logo, 12.99

3. Red Wayside Waifs journal.  Durable and stylish it includes a pen and has an elastic closure, 10.99

4. Keep dry with the red and white Wayside Waifs umbrella by Totes, $27.99

5. Stylish red ball cap!  This great hat features the Wayside Waifs logo and is perfect when your strutting your stuff with your Waif around the neighborhood.  $10.00

For Your Fur-baby:

1. NEW low fat dog treats from Trail Hound, $7.99

2. Pet Greens Treats- YUMMY! Only $6.50

3. Wipe Your Paws!  The PawWash keeps those doggy paws clean, $20.00

4. With all of this snow, and Spring on the way, you need the PawWash Mitt, $3.95

5. For hours of fun, check out the Bob-A-Lot, $14.99

6. Another item for busy paws- the Kong Wobbler, $17.99

7. For your kitty!  NEW cat treats from VitaKitty & Shape Up, $4.99

8. Save the couch!  Red Nail Caps, $20.95

9. For hours of feline fun, check out the Leopard Den, $14.00

10. You can never go wrong with a new collar and matching leash!  Various colors, themes and styles! 

Check out these great items and more at our Boutique, Whisker & Wags, located inside the Harold & Marilyn Melcher Adoption Center at Wayside Waifs!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Feb 7 2011

Adoptable Monochrome Kitties at Wayside Waifs

There are an unusually large number of one-color cats at Wayside Waifs right now. Black cats are the hardest to get adopted, and we have A LOT of them…seriously. A LOT. But we also have other monochrome shades from white to gray to black…and they do tend to be harder to find homes for than their multi-colored friends. Oddly enough, while they are really hard to find homes for, the one-colors we have now are probably the friendliest cats in the building.  Here are a few…and when I say “few” I mean we have A LOT more…of the monochrome cats we have at the shelter right now. 


Probably my current favorite cat. He is big and muscular, but he is SUCH a baby. He LOVES to sit in your lap, and if there are a row of people sitting on the bench in the cat adoptions area, he will sit in each lap for a few minutes, working his way down the line. He is quiet and calm, and loves to just be held and petted. He gets along great with other cats, but he is scared of dogs.




This tall, thin boy is very friendly and tolerant. Kids come into the shelter and poke and prod at him and he loves it…he will follow you all over the cat adoption area and rub on your legs and ask to be petted. He gets along with other cats and he really likes kids…a good all-around cat.




This solid white girl is a real charmer. She has beautiful green eyes and loves to sit next to you or in your lap and be petted and cuddled. She doesn’t interact a lot with other cats, but she does not seem to mind them being around most of the time. She would do well in a home where she’d get a lot of lap and couch time with her owner.




One of the more interesting cats in the shelter right now. This giant of a cat was brought in by animal control with a litter of kittens he was caring for. Yes…he. A few people at the shelter were a little scared of Chartreus when he arrived because he is SUCH a big, muscular cat. But they soon found out that he is a very gentle, kind-hearted cat. We call him the “gentle giant.” Besides caring for the kittens he was found with, he has since shown a strong paternal instinc toward cats who are scared or uncomfortable. He seems to go out of his way to comfort them. Obviously, he gets along well with other cats, but he does not like dogs.




Not only doess Precious have the disadvantage of being a black cat, but also has another strike against her: she’s missing one of her front legs. This doesn’t slow her down, though, and she has no trouble jumping up into a chair, and back down again. She’s a bit of a couch potato, but she’s very friendly and loves to be held and petted. I carried her around with me for a while yesterday afternoon and she just purred away the entire time.




If you want a cuddly, snuggly lap cat…look no further. Rizzie LOVES people and she loves to be held, petted and have her head scratched. She does not like other cats very much, especially when they get too close to someone she is getting attention from. She’d do best as an only cat, preferably with someone who doesn’t mind being snuggled by a cat for long periods.




This boy came in to the shelter with his sister Mini. They have been at Wayside Waifs since July…our longest current residents. Velvet’s sister is a tortie, and they need to be adopted together, as they have been with each other since birth. This makes it even more difficult to get Velvet adopted…in addition to being a black cat, he has a sibling that needs to stay with him.



Share Bear (left) and Nightshade

Share Bear came in to Wayside Waifs last summer as part of a large group of cats rescued from a hoarding situation. He and his sister (Love-a-Lot Bear…also a black cat) are the only two left. Yep…all the non-black ones were adopted. Share Bear is very playful, but he also love to be petted and likes to sit on your lap. His sister Love-a-Lot Bear is also very playful but is more independent. She’ll come to you when she wants some attention, but she’s not as outgoing as her brother.

Nightshade is a handsome black cat who loves to run and play. He is also extremely friendly and will give you head butts when you hold him. He really likes to play with other cats, but he doesn’t seem to understand when a cat does not want to play with him. He seems to just assume that everyone wants to play with him as much as he does with them…depending on the other cat, this can be an irritant. Nightshade doesn’t mean to cause trouble…hes just overzealous in his attempts to engage other cats in play. He would probably do best as an only cat, unless the other cat likes to play with him just as much.



Written By Chris Dauten
Volunteer at Wayside Waifs

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