Marley Is Looking For Her Happy Ending

Come and Meet Marley!

Come and Meet Marley!

This is a true rags to riches story, I think. Young, beautiful, down on her luck Chain of Hope rescue dog (truly a damsel in distress) who had nothing – never enough food or water, tied up outside on scorching summer days, no one to love her – taken in by Wayside Waifs and found to be a girl without manners or etiquette or any real understanding of how to be a regular dog.  Everyone that met her at Wayside knew instantly that underneath that uneducated and rather rough around the edges exterior lay one very smart girl with a super big heart of gold.  Fast forward to today where our story’s star is still a young and beautiful girl who has blossomed under the loving care provided to her by her Foster Mom.  She took our girl home with her for awhile to mentor her and guide her. Here is how her life is progressing thus far.   

Hi, I’m Marley, and this is my story. I’m still at the beginning of it, so maybe rags to riches isn’t exactly the right way to describe my life. Maybe mine is more of a Cinderella story without the happy ending – at least not yet.  I have had a bit of a rough go of it, but I’ve been blessed in this life.  Wayside gave me a second chance, and they even found a foster home for me.  I can’t really explain to you how different life is when you find someone who truly cares about you and wants you to find your way in this world.    

My foster mom has two other doggies in her life, and they have become the best part of mine. I have learned how to play and enjoy life with them, and for me, there is nothing better in the world than being able to wrestle and chase other members of my doggie pack around the house. My foster mom videotapes me sometimes when I play. She thinks I am quite funny, and she is always wondering what I will do next.  She cares so much about me that she is even taking me to an obedience class sponsored by Wayside.  I go every week, and every week I make more and more strides at becoming the best dog in the world. I am still young, and I’ve got a long way to go and lot to learn, but I’m eager and willing all the time.  

I’ve always been eager to please my human friends. I could never understand why my first family really didn’t care much about me.   I tried to be good, and all I wanted from them was simple love and affection.  No matter how hard I tried to be what I thought they wanted, they never seemed to care much for me.   

When my Chain of Hope friends found me, they said it was the hottest day of the summer, and I was tied up out in back of my old house without even a drop of water to quench my thirst.   I didn’t really know any better – I didn’t know that life could be so much sweeter.  

At my foster mom’s house, I am out and about and playing with her dogs or cuddling with her whenever she is at home. When she leaves, she crates me for up to 5 hours at a time, and she says I do just great.  She gives me a peanut butter kong in the crate, and I chew on that and eventually just snooze away the time until she returns. She also crates me at night, and I sleep until she wakes up. We are beautiful princesses that like our beauty rest! 

When I play with her dogs, the wrestling and tug of war games are so much fun! I like to take walks and run at the park, and I do great most of the time, but sometimes my exuberance and love of every dog can get me into a wee bit of trouble. I want to play with everyone, but sometimes other doggies don’t want to play with me. I am quite sensitive and understanding when another doggie gives me a ‘correction’, but some dogs just don’t ever get around to telling me that they don’t want to play. I can’t read your mind, doggie pals! Just tell me, ok?  I will totally respect your wishes. 

My foster mom makes sure I get lots of exercise each day. I get multiple short walks, and I even get time at the off leash park. I would probably do great with someone who likes to run or hike or loves long walks each day. I do have energy to spare, so please be sure you want an active dog. I am always up for anything!  I love car rides, indestructible chew toys, cuddling on the couch when she is reading, eating peanut butter, earning treats for tricks (I know sit, down, shake and I’m learning stay and come), and baths and blow dryers are great fun! 

Beautiful, sensitive, sweet, spunky, eager to please, couch-potato cuddler, housebroken, smart, loving, energetic, super playful dog  –  I’m all that and a bag of chips.  What more could you possibly ask for?  My foster mom loves me so very much, but her role has been to get me ready for my forever home – now I need mine. 

Please think about me, come to meet me, adopt me and then let’s love each other forever.  I’m a girl that has survived a lot of hardship, and I’ve turned into Cinderella at the ball. Now, I just need to find my Prince Charming family who will adopt me and take me home.  Please, let it be you, ok?  Dreams really do come true – I just know it!   I will keep wishing for my happily ever after until you come for me. 

Love from Marley

ps- watch my video!

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