Nov 30 2010

Marley Is Looking For Her Happy Ending

Come and Meet Marley!

Come and Meet Marley!

This is a true rags to riches story, I think. Young, beautiful, down on her luck Chain of Hope rescue dog (truly a damsel in distress) who had nothing – never enough food or water, tied up outside on scorching summer days, no one to love her – taken in by Wayside Waifs and found to be a girl without manners or etiquette or any real understanding of how to be a regular dog.  Everyone that met her at Wayside knew instantly that underneath that uneducated and rather rough around the edges exterior lay one very smart girl with a super big heart of gold.  Fast forward to today where our story’s star is still a young and beautiful girl who has blossomed under the loving care provided to her by her Foster Mom.  She took our girl home with her for awhile to mentor her and guide her. Here is how her life is progressing thus far.   

Hi, I’m Marley, and this is my story. I’m still at the beginning of it, so maybe rags to riches isn’t exactly the right way to describe my life. Maybe mine is more of a Cinderella story without the happy ending – at least not yet.  I have had a bit of a rough go of it, but I’ve been blessed in this life.  Wayside gave me a second chance, and they even found a foster home for me.  I can’t really explain to you how different life is when you find someone who truly cares about you and wants you to find your way in this world.    

My foster mom has two other doggies in her life, and they have become the best part of mine. I have learned how to play and enjoy life with them, and for me, there is nothing better in the world than being able to wrestle and chase other members of my doggie pack around the house. My foster mom videotapes me sometimes when I play. She thinks I am quite funny, and she is always wondering what I will do next.  She cares so much about me that she is even taking me to an obedience class sponsored by Wayside.  I go every week, and every week I make more and more strides at becoming the best dog in the world. I am still young, and I’ve got a long way to go and lot to learn, but I’m eager and willing all the time.  

I’ve always been eager to please my human friends. I could never understand why my first family really didn’t care much about me.   I tried to be good, and all I wanted from them was simple love and affection.  No matter how hard I tried to be what I thought they wanted, they never seemed to care much for me.   

When my Chain of Hope friends found me, they said it was the hottest day of the summer, and I was tied up out in back of my old house without even a drop of water to quench my thirst.   I didn’t really know any better – I didn’t know that life could be so much sweeter.  

At my foster mom’s house, I am out and about and playing with her dogs or cuddling with her whenever she is at home. When she leaves, she crates me for up to 5 hours at a time, and she says I do just great.  She gives me a peanut butter kong in the crate, and I chew on that and eventually just snooze away the time until she returns. She also crates me at night, and I sleep until she wakes up. We are beautiful princesses that like our beauty rest! 

When I play with her dogs, the wrestling and tug of war games are so much fun! I like to take walks and run at the park, and I do great most of the time, but sometimes my exuberance and love of every dog can get me into a wee bit of trouble. I want to play with everyone, but sometimes other doggies don’t want to play with me. I am quite sensitive and understanding when another doggie gives me a ‘correction’, but some dogs just don’t ever get around to telling me that they don’t want to play. I can’t read your mind, doggie pals! Just tell me, ok?  I will totally respect your wishes. 

My foster mom makes sure I get lots of exercise each day. I get multiple short walks, and I even get time at the off leash park. I would probably do great with someone who likes to run or hike or loves long walks each day. I do have energy to spare, so please be sure you want an active dog. I am always up for anything!  I love car rides, indestructible chew toys, cuddling on the couch when she is reading, eating peanut butter, earning treats for tricks (I know sit, down, shake and I’m learning stay and come), and baths and blow dryers are great fun! 

Beautiful, sensitive, sweet, spunky, eager to please, couch-potato cuddler, housebroken, smart, loving, energetic, super playful dog  –  I’m all that and a bag of chips.  What more could you possibly ask for?  My foster mom loves me so very much, but her role has been to get me ready for my forever home – now I need mine. 

Please think about me, come to meet me, adopt me and then let’s love each other forever.  I’m a girl that has survived a lot of hardship, and I’ve turned into Cinderella at the ball. Now, I just need to find my Prince Charming family who will adopt me and take me home.  Please, let it be you, ok?  Dreams really do come true – I just know it!   I will keep wishing for my happily ever after until you come for me. 

Love from Marley

ps- watch my video!

Nov 26 2010

Meet Leo!

Leo is looking for love!

Leo is looking for love!

Meet Leo. This handsome guy was transferred in with his sister, Fluffy, from another shelter when their time was running out. Fluffy recently went home, but Leo is still waiting for his forever home.

Leo is super sweet, and he couldn’t get any cuter. He has the softest orange fur and a fiesty personality to go along with it. Recently, all of our cats moved from their temporary holding space in our shelter to their brand new kitty palace. Leo thought it would be appropriate to scale the new arch doorway in the Cat Adoption area. He may it quite high before he jumped back to the ground. Chances are you’ll be greeted by this happy boy when you come into the cat area, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Come meet Leo today!

Posted By Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Nov 24 2010

Find the Purr-fect gift at Whiskers & Wags

Looking for gifts for pet lovers on your list?  Or perhaps a special gift for your fur baby? Here are ten items for $15 or less that are available at Wayside Waifs boutique- Whiskers & Wags!

Rescue Me Blend Roasterie Coffee

Rescue Me Blend Roasterie Coffee $12.99

Hol-e Mol-e Rubber Ball for Mad Dogs $9.99

Hol-e Mol-e Rubber Ball for Mad Dogs $9.99

Wayside Waifs logo ceramic travel mug.  Great for hot beverages!  $12.99 Wayside Waifs logo ceramic travel mug. Great for hot beverages! $12.99
The Wave Cat Scratcher $15

The Wave Cat Scratcher $15

Busy Buddy Linkables Puzzle Treat Dispenser $9.99

Busy Buddy Linkables Puzzle Treat Dispenser $9.99

Wayside Waifs Reusable Beverage Cup

Wayside Waifs Reusable Beverage Cup

Plush Gund Kitties, Bunnies and Puppies $14.99

Plush Gund Kitties, Bunnies and Puppies $14.99

Yum Wash all natural dog soap $12.99

Kitty Backpack- MEOW!  $12.00

Kitty Backpack- MEOW! $12.99

See Spot Salt & Pepper Shakers $14.99

See Spot Salt & Pepper Shakers $14.99

Whiskers and Wags offers something for everyone.  From high quality training and pet supplies, pet food and treats, to children’s books and jewelry.  100% of the proceeds from sales at Whiskers and Wags goes to providing care for the animals at Wayside.  Shop today and support the animals!

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Nov 19 2010

NipClub for Ryker_Tyker

Sweet Ryker

Last night was a special night for the anipal community on Twitter. A special #NipClub was held in memory of @Ryker_Tyker.

What? This is like a foreign language to you? Let me explain. There’s a community of animals on Twitter who call themselves “anipals”. We get together and have “pawties”. On Thursday evenings we use a special hashtag and call it “NipClub”. During our pawties, we have DJs who play music and anipals (called barktenders) who make us special food and drinks like niptinis and meowgaritas. It’s just like any other party; we hang out, dance, and talk. Sometimes it gets a little crazy! In addition to all the fun, there is a serious side. We raise money for different animal charities. We always provide a link to the charity and that is how you tip your DJ and barktender for the hour they are on duty. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money has been raised by the anipal community on Twitter. I don’t have enough paws to count it all!

Back to last night’s NipClub. It has been a sad week for us anipals. Ryker_Tyker went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly last Sunday. We prayed for him and sent healing thoughts (called a “pawcircle”) while he was at the emergency vet, but he didn’t make it. We all understand what a wonderful place the Rainbow Bridge is, but it’s so hard to see our friends go. We also felt very sad for Ryker’s mom who just started volunteering at Wayside Waifs and for his sister, @Allie_Kitti, who was adopted from Wayside.

Romer Ryker

Romeo Ryker

In order to honor Ryker’s memory and to help homeless pets, all of last night’s NipClub tips went to Wayside Waifs. The anipal community knew how comforting it would be to Ryker’s mom and we all wanted to do something special for him. What better way than to donate to a local charity that he had personal connections to? Of course, lots of homeless pets will benefit from our festivities. We hope that they are able to find special, loving homes, just like the one Ryker had.

Please keep Wayside Waifs in mind when giving in a loved one’s name. It is a thoughtful way to remember a family member, whether they have two legs or four. 

Written by: Guest blogger Sebastian from Sebastian The Sensitive Soul:

Nov 17 2010

Keeping Your Hounds Happy This Holiday Season

For many of us, that special time of year — from sometime in early November thru the first of January — is a magical time. It’s the holiday season. But if we are dog owners, this time of year may be a real cause for concern. How will our dogs behave around lots of people ringing our doorbell and coming into our home? What will our dog do when we put up the gloriously decorated Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped presents underneath? What about all the special food laid out for our “human” guests to enjoy? How will he handle all the hustle and bustle and comings and goings?

It’s scary to imagine that in less time than it takes to say, “Happy Holidays,” the dogs have torn open packages, chewed the collector’s ornaments, bowled over a guest, unplugged the flashing lights, pulled the roasting pan from the trash, eaten the cookies, sent Grandma’s good china shattering to the floor and vomited on the rug. Instead of listening to carols, you’re busy looking up the phone number for the emergency vet clinic or profusely apologizing to guests because they need to “leave early” because of your dog’s relentless jumping up, or barking at them.

This is a good time to remind ourselves that all dogs are different. They have different personalities. While one dog may revel in the change of pace, another may find it a confusing, stressful time. Your normally placid dog may suddenly begin to exhibit unusual behaviors, such as stealing food, jumping up on people, or growling or snapping at visitors. As owners and “pack leaders”, we need to communicate and demonstrate to our dogs that while their world may be different during these times, we will continue to keep them safe, well managed and secure.

So what can we do now to help prepare ourselves and our pets for these holiday season challenges? Fortunately there are a lot of good answers to this question. To get you started, we will explore just some of them.

Begin working NOW on your dog’s greeting manners if you plan to have guests. Have a friend help by knocking on the door while you practice SIT and STAY with your dog. Teaching your dog what to do when guests arrive will save you and your dog stress from constant correction. Some people teach their dog to “go to your mat” as soon as the doorbell rings.

Keep feeding and exercise routines the same before and during the holidays. Changes to these routines might make your dog feel uncomfortable and anxious. This could bring out unwanted behavior issues.  If you cannot be available to care for the dog at times during the holidays, designate a friend or family member or your local doggy daycare center to provide meals, walks and continued companionship.

Provide your dog with a good “safe zone” place where he feels safe and comfortable. Let your elderly or very shy dog, for example, decide if things are too stressful to remain with the group. Your dog should be able to “escape” to some place away from all the hustle and bustle. It could be a crate or a laundry room or perhaps a basement area. Be sure to give your dog lots of interesting things to do while he is alone – Kongs, toys, food dispensing toys, pigs ears, etc.

Put the food bowl away for a while and feed all of your dog’s meals from Kongs stuffed with his kibble. This takes time and energy to consume breakfast and dinner while you’re busy doing other things. For larger dogs, it might take 4-5 large Kongs to hold all of a meal.

 Anticipate your guest’s arrivals and confine your dog to prevent it from escaping or, worse yet, “soiling” your guest’s clothes with an unwanted jump.

Before your guests arrive, take your dog on a long walk or stimulating doggie adventure. It will take the edge off your dog (and you!) and give you a calorie deficit in preparation for all those gourmet hors d’oeuvres that will be passed around.

Try your best to include your dog, don’t exclude. It can be frustrating to be kept alone and away from al the fun! Don’t banish your dog during holiday activities, but do encourage good manners by requiring that he or she stay on the dog bed, in the crate, behind the baby gate or tethered during the holiday meal.

If overnight guests are joining you for the holidays, orient them with a list of your dog’s rules and etiquette to ensure your training efforts are consistently reinforced. For example: no feeding from the table, no approaching the dog when he or she is sleeping or eating, feeding only “approved” treats, etc.

Happy New Year! Your dog has sensitive hearing and thus the fireworks, bells and whistles of New Year’s revelers can be very frightening. Be sure your dog is in a safe place away from the noise and that he or she can’t escape from your home, yard or auto. Microchip your dog so that both of you can get reunited quickly!

Holiday gatherings can be very over-stimulating for dogs and kids alike, so never leave the dog alone with any little people, even his own kids. Interactions between the dog and kids should be strictly supervised by an adult who’s dog-savvy enough to know when your dog needs a break. Apply the same rule to dogs and children that you would use for managing children around swimming pools in the back yard!

 If your dog is the excitable or anxious type, he might benefit from an over-the-counter remedy, such as Rescue Remedy, to help keep him calm down and relax. Ask your veterinarian about his or her recommendations as well as how much you should use and how often. Comfort Zone or DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is another good homeopathic option that can also help to maintain your dog’s calm demeanor.

During holiday gatherings, keep a watchful eye for plates and cocktails left at dog level. Since good intentions are prone to fail with so much going on, consider confining your dog to his crate or another room while your guests are bustling about (make sure he has something wonderful to do while he’s there) just to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble.

Be always mindful about heath and safety concerns during the holiday season. Be vigilant about things like: Turkey bones can pose a choking hazard for dogs; Keep things like holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants out of reach from your dog because they are poisonous to dogs; Avoid glass ornaments, which break easily and may cut a dog’s feet or mouth; Keep burning candles on high tables or mantels and well out of the way of your dog’s wagging tail; and the list goes on.

Much of this is just common sense that we would use around young children during this joyous and festive time of year. With that in mind, we wish all of you a joyous, happy and safe holiday season. And we extend to all of our furry friends, many holiday woofs and lots of joyous wags.

Written by Skip Daiger & Kay Lampe
Professional Dog Trainers and Volunteers at Wayside Waifs

Nov 11 2010

Wayside Kittens Visit “Cats The Musical”

Some kittens at Wayside Waifs got to do the coolest thing on Saturday. They got to take a field trip to Music Hall Kansas City and hang out with CATS. Not like the cats they are normally around in the Cat Adoption area, it was CATS the musical! There were six kittens that made their appearance in the lobby of the Music Hall prior to that day’s matinee show. All of the kittens that went were available for adoption and ready to find their forever homes.  

In addition to meeting and petting the Wayside kittens, kids (and adults!) could get their faces painted like cats. Pretty soon it looked like there were cats everywhere! The kittens were the stars of the meet-and-greet until some of the cast appeared in the lobby. Can you imagine being a tiny little kitten and seeing a human sized cat looking into your kennel? Rumor has it that after meeting the cast, one of the kittens said he wanted to grow up to be in CATS one day. I don’t blame him; it looks like a pretty cool job!  



The Cats cast members interacted with the crowd in the lobby; they took pictures with their fans and even got some ear scratches! The big CATS held a couple of the kittens and took pictures with them, too. Boy, those were some lucky kitties!     

Wayside Waifs does such nice things for the pets in their care. I’m glad since I had to spend some time as a shelter-cat that I got to spend it at Wayside. I wish all shelter-cats could be as lucky as me and the kittens that got to be part of the CATS field trip on Saturday. Big purrs to Wayside Waifs and CATS the musical.  You guys rock!

 Guest blogger information: Sebastian from Sebastian The Sensitive Soul,, former Waif.




































Nov 9 2010

Meet Lilly!

Hi!  I'm Lilly and I'm looking for my forever home!

Hi! I'm Lilly and I'm looking for my forever home!

Energetic, fun loving, sweet, affectionate, happy and playful – that’s me – Lilly, a housetrained, 2 ½ year old shepherd mix in search of a forever home.   I found myself in a very difficult situation this spring.  I had week old puppies and no home or friends to help me.   Wayside rescued us and found a wonderful foster home so that I could raise my puppies and provide them the proper love and nourishment they needed during those first few formative weeks.  My babies have homes, and I am currently lucky enough to be living with a foster mom and two doggie siblings, but I need my own home now – my forever one. 

My foster mom has been so good to me.  I have all my own things at her house – just as though it were my own home…my own bed, my own dishes, my own toys and treats, too.  I get car rides, and walks, and my foster mom even gave me a bath in the bathtub – and honestly, I loved it – I felt so pampered!  I like all kinds of treats, and Kongs with peanut butter make me so happy.  She doesn’t crate me, so I have free run of her house, and I’m a good girl.   I usually stay in the back yard with the other dogs – unless I see my foster mom out front, and sometimes I’m naughty, and I run and jump the gate just to be closer to her.  She got some help this weekend from a trainer so that I will learn not to do that any more.  

After just a short time at my foster home, my foster mom has noticed that I have really bonded to her.  I love her and all that she provides for me, and I think I’m a little afraid of losing this new life or of having to give up someone that has given me so much.  Being on my own forced me to rely on myself for everything, and I had to learn how to protect and defend myself and my little ones.   It was tough being all alone; especially for a dog that isn’t that confident to begin with and doesn’t know how to handle many of life’s challenges.  

I realize now that I have missed out on so much in my short life.   You humans provide such love and compassion to your dog friends, and I have just never had a human care about me like my foster mom does.  Sadly, I can’t get too comfortable here – she is just giving me a much needed break from the shelter, and she is providing me the one thing I have never really experienced  – and that is L-O-V-E.  I will always be grateful to her for this chance at experiencing this sweet life and letting someone take care of me for once.  

I know a dog like me would benefit from some special training – it’s called Nothing in Life is Free (NILIF) – ever heard of it?  NILIF training would help me realize that you are my leader, you know what is best for me, and all I have to do is relax, listen to you, and follow your rules.  It would so ease my stress and uncertainty.  

Ahhhh, the perfect way to live – letting you ‘take the wheel’.  NILIF isn’t hard to understand or hard to implement in your home.  It is actually a pretty easy way to help any dog acclimate to a new environment and new family.   Wayside can help you learn more about NILIF, too.  My foster mom is working with me to help me understand the NILIF concepts.  Believe me, I’m smart, and I’m food motivated, so we can learn together how to help me be all that I can be.  

Would you give me a chance at a new life?  I’m blossoming now, and I so want to find a family to put my trust in and show me how special a loving relationship with humans can be.   I hope my story can touch just one person’s heart enough so I can find my forever home.  Please think about adopting me.

Love from Lilly

Nov 5 2010

Wayside’s Top Dog Pens Book About Canine Cancer

Purchase this book and the proceeds benefit Wayside Waifs

Purchase this book and the proceeds benefit Wayside Waifs

What do you do when your beloved therapy dog gets cancer? You do everything you can to save him, because you aren’t the only one who needs him. Everyday, Wishbone, our 10 year old Golden Retriever would take his place inside by Volkswagen Beetle and stick his head out the window. He was almost 100 pounds and his big cheeks flapped in the wind and his ears flew backwards, as we headed to work at Sunflower House.  

I was the President there at the time and Wishbone’s role was to provide care and comfort to children who came there as a result of sexual abuse. He knew which staff members went to McDonald’s in the morning, and would follow them down the hall to wait for a few scraps. He always sat outside my office and when the detectives came in to interview the children they were reduced to 5 year olds as they interacted with Wishbone. Everyone called him a Teddy Bear with a heartbeat. They even named the driveway at Sunflower House “Wishbone Way”.

Everybody loved him. One day while giving him a bath, we discovered a swollen lymph node in his neck. Wishbone had lymphoma. We were lucky it had not spread but the treatments would be long and expensive. We started his chemotherapy that day. Week after week for five months, Wishbone spent the day at the hospital and just like a human cancer patient, he waited patiently while his IV drip drained into his body. He displayed all the side-effects you would expect: loss of appetite and energy, and yes, he lost some hair. Finally in December of 2008, we got the good news. Wishbone was cancer free.

He remained a faithful loving therapy dog and friend for almost two more years. But, time catches up with all of us. And for Wishbone, it came at age 13. On January 15, 2010, we took a walk in the park. On Monday he was gone. In the middle of all this, I was interviewing to become the President of Wayside Waifs. I found it to be a sign. Wishbone’s way of telling me that I had to come to Wayside and take care of other animals. But, there was one more thing I needed to do. Wishbone loved children and they loved him. Why not write a book about his cancer journey, so it wouldn’t be so scary.  “Dogs Get Cancer Too” was born.

I am so proud that his life will continue to help others. If you know someone with cancer who has small children or grandchildren, I encourage you to get this book. Children with cancer love to hear the story and are amazed that Dogs Get Cancer Too!

You can purchase a copy of “Dogs Get Cancer Too” at Whiskers & Wags, a boutique located inside Wayside Waifs at the Harold and Marilyn Melcher Adoption Center.  100% of your purchases at Whiskers & Wags benefit the animals at Wayside Waifs.

Nov 3 2010

Show You Care

The passage of Proposition B is a victory for thousands of animals suffering in deplorable puppy mills across Missouri.  The efforts to clean up and improve conditions in Missouri puppy mills are just beginning.  Wayside Waifs will open its doors to hundreds of animals rescued from these puppy mills in the coming months.  As you can see in this video, these animals desperately need us and we will not let them down.  We are asking for your financial support to help rehabilitate and provide life saving medical care to these animals.  Show you care and donate now.

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