Woof Woof – I’m Lacy!

Back in July, a Montana shelter was raided, and over 30 dogs and cats were found living in absolutely deplorable conditions. A transport to Kansas City was quickly arranged, and all the animals were rushed to Wayside Waifs for help.  Hi, my name is Lacy, and I was one of those animals that had the good fortune to be rescued from the suffering and to be provided hope for a new and happy life.  

I was so shy and afraid when I first arrived in Kansas City.   I used to hide under my doggie bed in my kennel, and plenty of times people thought I had somehow gotten lost!  I hadn’t escaped, but I was trying to hide.  I just wanted to be invisible.  Everybody walking by and staring made me unhappy, and I kept worrying that the other shoe was going to drop, and life would turn ugly again. 

I’ll never be able to share all the details of my past life with you, and it really doesn’t matter.  I’m looking ahead to the bright future before me.  Thankfully, I’ve found a foster mom who loves me and wants only the best for me, and she and foster dad are trying to help me be the best dog I can be and get me ready for my forever home.  

I have learned to be a member of a dog pack now – my foster mom has two other dogs, a boy and a girl ages 7 and 3 ½ .  We love to play together in their fenced in back yard, and I watch them run around, I run after them, I chase them while they play fetch, we hunt for toads, and all in all, we are great pals.  We sleep together at night, and we hang together during the day while my foster parents are at work.  

While I will admit I really like my foster dad, I naturally seem to warm up to the female persuasion more quickly.  My foster dad and I are beginning to forge a strong and loving relationship.  We are playing together more, and I am learning to trust him and love him very much, too. 

I have adapted easily and well to the routine in my foster mom’s household.  She thinks that I don’t like to be confined – in essence, crates aren’t my favorite thing, so we don’t use one anymore.  She says I don’t really have any bad habits that would annoy you humans.  Oh, I tried a little digging in the back yard once, but my foster mom quickly put the kibosh on that fun.  I bark just a bit, but nothing excessive at all.  I once tried to climb her 4-foot fence, but she told me to get down, and I have sworn off that forever now, too.  I ride pretty well in a car – just a bit of whining at first, and then I relax and enjoy the time.  I like to take walks and play in the yard or just sit around and relax or cuddle.   Whatever you want is ok with me.  

My foster mom’s favorite thing about our time together is seeing me come out of my shell and blossom.  I have relaxed around her, my foster dad and the other dogs, and I have become comfortable enough to initiate play with everyone.  I am a kisser, and I mean, I really do love to give kisses to you once I know you and trust you – I love legs, arms, faces, and feet!  I am so very eager to please you, and all I want is to find a smile on your face when we are together. 

My foster mom thinks I would do best in a home with someone around a lot, someone that loves to give attention, and a family who is willing to let me warm up at my own pace – and just be gentle with me.   She thinks I would be happy with other dogs – and I agree!  They just shouldn’t be really hyper dogs.  Men just need to give me a chance too – give me some time to warm up to you and trust you. 

I’m as loving and sweet as any dog you’ll ever meet.  If you are someone who wants to help a dog who has had a hard time in her life, please think about adopting me.  It may take me a little while longer than some dogs to warm to you and to find my place in your world, but, once it has happened, you and I can both smile and know that we have found each other. 

My foster mom tells me every day that I am waiting for my perfect ‘forever after’ home.  I finally believe in myself enough to know that I deserve a good life, and my dream is that there is someone that reads my story and thinks I could be the dog for them.  I promise to do my best to keep that smile on your face every day.  I hope too that when you look at me, you will see that I am smiling back at you – with love and thanks for our bright future together.  You can read my complete profile and watch my video on the Wayside website

Love and Kisses from Lacy

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