Puppies Can’t Vote, But You Can

Prop B will improve conditions in Missouri Puppy Mills

Prop B will improve conditions in Missouri Puppy Mills

Wayside Waifs is in full support of The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, a measure that will appear on Missouri’s November 2nd Ballot.  It will improve the lives of dogs in commercial breeding operations in Missouri.  Specifically, the measure will require large-scale dog breeding operations to provide each breeding dog under their care with the basics of humane animal care including:

  • Sufficient food and clean water;
  • Necessary veterinary care;
  • Sufficient housing, including protection from the elements;
  • Sufficient space to turn and stretch freely, lie down, and fully extend their limbs;
  • Regular exercise; and
  • Adequate rest between breeding cycles.

The measure will limit the number of breeding dogs to 50 per facility, but does not apply to breeders with 10 or fewer intact female dogs. The 50 breeding dog limit will help ensure the operations do not become overcrowded or spiral out of control, but will still allow individual breeders to sell hundreds of puppies each year. The initiative does not affect individuals who raise hunting dogs, livestock facilities, or animal rescue and shelter operators that are not involved in commercial sale of puppies. The law will enable Missouri to join several other states that have enacted similar laws through their state legislatures.

To read the entire measure, please visit http://yesonpropb.com/about/read-act

Posted by Ashlee Parker
Wayside Waifs Communications Manager

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