Meet Rocket

Rocket is a sweet boy who needs his forever home

Rocket is a sweet boy who needs his forever home

Why?  Why hasn’t anyone decided to adopt me and give me my very own new family? I ask myself that question every single day.  Is it my looks?  Hey, I am such a handsome boy; even I can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror.  I look, well, I think I look regal.  Am I just too handsome for you?  No, that couldn’t be it.  Everybody loves a handsome boy.

Is it my age?  I am just about to celebrate my FIRST birthday!  Who doesn’t love a dog that has already learned how to take care of his potty business outside, and who has already figured out that chewing up your slippers and hiding your socks is not proper doggie etiquette?  I’m young enough that you can teach me all sorts of new tricks, and we can have a long and happy life together.  No, my age can’t be it.

Is it my personality?  I am a sweet, funny, playful, happy go lucky, lovable guy, and I was lucky enough to find a foster family that thinks I’m amazing!  My foster mom (FM) says that I love to play with toys of all shapes and sizes, and when I’m not playin’ around, I am a really calm, laid back and quiet companion who loves to give puppy kisses to everyone I encounter.   Nope, it just can’t be my personality.

Could it be my compatibility with other animal friends?  My family says that I just love to play with other dogs – so much so that they think I really need to have a doggie friend to live with and love on.  I also have a feline friend, CAT, and I love her.  Yes, you heard me, I LOVE CAT!   So, nah, I don’t think this is why I haven’t been adopted.

Just what could it be?  Is it that I’m a little unsure of myself sometimes?  It’s true that I’m a bit more timid than your average dog, so I may need a little extra encouragement and patience as I learn the ways of the world.  Surely that wouldn’t be the reason why I don’t have a home yet.  I know this world is full of loving and caring humans, and my being a little timid and insecure really isn’t something that would make you not want me, is it? 

Well, ok, I guess I’m just all out of thoughts on why I haven’t been adopted yet.   I suppose the only real reason that makes any sense is that my perfect, forever family just hasn’t been able to find me yet.  I know you must be searching for me right now, and sometimes it just takes time.  FM tells me that the wait can seem endless, but it will all be worth it once you find me and take me home with you.

I promise to be your best friend and a loyal and loving companion to you for a lifetime.  I will continue to be a good boy at FM’s house, patiently dreaming about the day that you will come for me.  I hope it will be today.

Love from Rocket

Rocket is currently in a foster home.  Please call the Adoptions Department at 816-986-4426 to set up an appointment to meet him!

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