Meet Friend Bear!

Friend Bear came to Wayside Waifs in August with a group of cats that were seized from a hoarding situation. The cats were living in filthy conditions in a mobile home. The smell was horrific, the floor was calf-deep in trash and there was no running water. The cats were being fed Mountain Dew.  

Due to their neglect, many of the cats were scared when they arrived at Wayside. A lot of time and effort was spent by staff and volunteers to make them more comfortable in their new environment. Over time, Friend Bear has turned into a favorite of the volunteers. She is a year old and LOVES to play and have fun. She runs around the adoption area without a care in the world, chasing toys, playing with bits of string and just generally enjoying life to the fullest.  

She gets along great with other cats and loves to play with them. Friend Bear has a lot of energy, but she also enjoys being petted and will even climb into a lap if the mood strikes her. This silly, fun cat can provide hours of entertainment and, just as importantly, she is able to entertain herself for hours on end if necessary. So if you are looking for a cat who can be independent, but is also friendly and will be a good companion, then come by Wayside Waifs and visit Friend Bear…she’ll put a smile on your face, guaranteed!  Learn more about this sweetie and watch her video on the Wayside Waifs website!


Written by Chris Dauten
Volunteer at Wayside Waifs

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