Meet Andromeda


Andromeda came to Wayside Waifs in June and it quickly became apparent to staff and volunteers that she had been treated badly before she arrived at our door. She would cower when anyone opened her kennel door and if you tried to touch her, she became defensive and swatted at you (though she rarely, if ever, let her claws out). Over time, a few volunteers spent a lot of time with her and, eventually, she began to trust them. Now, those of us with whom she has established trust are able pet her, pick her up and hold her, and her favorite thing – to pet her while she sits quietly in our laps.

Andromeda really is a sweet girl, and she likes to play, too. She has greatly improved overall during her time at Wayside and, while she is still wary of strangers, it only takes a small amount of time and patience before she trusts you. Once that trust is there, she is a loving and affectionate cat. Obviously, it is sometimes difficult for potential adopters to see her potential, but hopefully one day someone will come in to Wayside who understands that sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to forge a relationship that will result in a very rewarding pet and companion.

The perfect home for Andromeda would be one with no small children or other pets. While Andromeda seems to be ok with the other cats in the shelter most of the time, she can be very possessive of her people and sometimes gets upset when other cats approach while she is sitting on a lap.

So, if you are willing to be patient with her for a short time, and want a pet that will most likely form a very strong bond with you, please come see Andromeda at Wayside Waifs, and ask to speak with one of the volunteers who know her well.


Written by Chris Dauten
Volunteer at Wayside Waifs

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