A Life Changing Adoption

Nolie lost 150 pounds by exercising with her Waif, Casey!

Nolie lost 150 pounds by exercising with her Waif, Casey!

Three years ago, Nolie Watters walked into Wayside Waifs in search of a new pet.  She didn’t know how much her life would soon change… for the better!  

Nolie made an instant connection with Casey, a young mixed breed with a lot of energy.  It didn’t take long before Nolie realized that Casey would benefit from daily walks, to help burn off all her extra energy.  Their daily walks became longer and longer… and slowly Nolie started seeing a positive change in the mirror.  The more they walked, the more the pounds melted away! 

Just about a year ago, Nolie and Casey took up running.  Now, just 12 months later, Nolie has lost 150 pounds.  She and her running buddy, Casey, are now up to 8 miles a day and in the best shape of their lives!  This Saturday, the dynamic duo will run their first organized 5K at Strutt With Your Mutt!  

Nolie hopes her weight loss story will inspire others to not only start exercising but to also adopt a pet to help get them moving!  Research shows that pet owners are happier and healthier than non-pet owners. 

Nolie is now working towards becoming a personal trainer to help others lose weight and get in shape! 

Written by: Ashlee Parker
Communications Relations Manager

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