Volunteering at Wayside Waifs

Jim is one of the awesome volunteers at Wayside Waifs

Jim is one of the awesome volunteers at Wayside Waifs

Nearly 7,000 animals entered the doors at Wayside Waifs last year alone. Cats, dogs, and little furry things that all needed shelter, love, and care. I am always sure to tell new volunteers during orientation that all of these animals enter the shelter knowing how to be an animal, but most of them need your help becoming a pet.

On an average day we can have 80 dogs that all need to get out and our Cat Adoption area can house over 70 feline friends. Providing mental stimulation is, by far, the most challenging thing to do for these animals. Offering a consistent face and a soft hand is all they ask. Volunteers give of themselves both physically and emotionally. I have one volunteer who tells me she makes sure she visits the new dogs before leaving for the day so she can let them know that they are ok now, and that the people here will show them love and compassion.

When I came to Wayside Waifs, about a year ago, I could not help but be by moved the dedication, work ethic, and kindness of the volunteers. Most days, the shelter needs close to 100 volunteer hours of support. In addition to direct animal contact, volunteers help in a variety of ways. Several volunteers provide administrative help in the volunteer office, the foster program, and the adoption center. Responsibilities can range from data entry, to calling adopters about their new family members, or keeping inventory of our retail items.

Special events are also a way for volunteers to support the shelter. During events, volunteers have a host of responsibilities and become the face of Wayside. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please visit the volunteer section on our website. I look forward to meeting you!

Written by AnnMarie Thomas
Wayside Waifs Volunteer Manager

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