Foster Flunkie

Ju Ju found her forever home with her foster mom, Kristin

Ju Ju found her forever home with her foster mom, Kristin

If you ask a majority of the staff and volunteers at Wayside Waifs, you will soon realize most of us are foster flunkies. But, what exactly is a foster flunky?

Being a “foster flunky” several times over, I ask myself this a lot. Fostering gives animals a temporary home needed before they go to their forever home. Sometimes, that forever home is found at the foster home. So, what makes someone adopt one foster but, let another go? Is it timing? Or is it the individual animal? After lots of research and personal experience, I have come up with the conclusion that there is no perfect answer. Personally, my adopted fosters make my household feel complete. 

My last adopted foster was one that snuck up on me. I knew what kind of dog I was eventually looking for but, during my period working a Wayside, I knew that I wanted a dog that really needed me. Well this came in the form of a black and white funny eared dog named Ju Ju. At the shelter, she was so scared that she completely shut down. When I first laid eyes on her, I just thought to myself, “This is another dog that really needs a foster home.” I wasn’t thinking that the foster home would be mine and definitely not thinking that I was going to adopt her.

After asking around with no luck, it was down to the wire. Who was going to foster this little girl? One day I just decided to take her out and let her stay in my office, which is when she won me over. I started thinking that if I took her home, she might not come back. Is it those soft eyes? Maybe, it is her sweet demeanor? I cannot pinpoint one over the other, it was just perfect.

Now, after waking up next to her every morning, I realize that it was meant to be. I always hear that animals pick you; maybe that is what happened in this case. Whatever it is, fostering is very rewarding and having her to remind me of that every morning, gives me faith that the others I have let go, got a home like my Ju Ju.  

Written by Kristin Sampson
Wayside Waifs Foster Program Manager

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