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Ruffy's Family


This year at the Wayside Waifs Fur Ball, a new item was added to the live auction.  Each year, the drive leading up to Wayside Waif’s beautiful shelter will be named by the winner of the Name Waysides Drive auction item.  This first year, Wayside Waifs board member Vicky Whitney won naming rights!  From now until June 2011, our drive will be called Ruffy’s Way, after Rufus.  

Here’s is Rufus’ story. 

“Eight years ago,  we brought home a 2 year Maltese (Buddy) who had spent his short life in a puppy mill.  We had no clue as to what to expect, but we soon learned that Buddy had virtually no pet skills, didn’t know a thing about people or how to interact with them and was often scared of them, hated being on the ground or grass, had no idea what a treat or a toy was.  Trying to house train Buddy couldn’t have been more difficult.  

A month or so later, we brought Rufus home.  He also came from a puppy mill, but because he was still a puppy, he didn’t have all the inhibitions that Buddy had and he just charged through life like it was no big deal!  Rufus virtually house trained Buddy, taught him to use the doggy door and the ramp to get up on bed.  Rufus and Buddy were the best of friends and did everything together.  Whatever Buddy knows today, it is because he learned it from Rufus.  

Everyone who ever met Rufus loved him at first site.  That included my family and friends as well as strangers on the street.  He was very precocious and fun loving, excited to spend time with all who came to the house, loved watching out the window and keeping track of the neighbors with Buddy, constantly going to his toy box to drag out something to play with or cuddling up on my Mom’s lap everyday to take a nap.  Not only was he very smart, but almost intuitive …. Sometimes I’d swear that he knew what I was going to do or say before I knew it!   

When Rufus was only 3 years old, he started suffering from severe pain in his neck due to a degenerative nerve disease.  We worked with a neurologist to find a cure, but in a very short time, the pain became uncontrollable even with the all drugs the doctors could administer.   We were all at a loss after Rufus was gone from us, but I look at his picture every day and I feel blessed that we got to spend even those few short years together.”

Vicky Whitney

Wayside Waifs is very grateful to Vicky for her generous gift to purchase this item.  The unveiling of Rufus’ street sign was celebrated with a fabulous breakfast paw-ty of Vicky, her family and Wayside waifs staff, pictured above. Be sure to notice Ruffy’s Way sign and remember Rufus the next time you come visit, which we hope will be soon!

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

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