Nala is a Foster Dog Looking for Her Forever Loving Home

Hi, I’m Nala, and I’m a young, energetic, loving and absolutely gorgeous Doberman Pinscher mix that is holding my breath – hoping that at any minute someone will come for me and make me their forever dog!  I came into Wayside when my time was running out at another local shelter, and after all the time at that shelter, and then coming here, well, I was experiencing what they call “shelter stress”. 

So Foster Mom (FM) to my rescue!  FM describes me as clever, curious, and very smart. She says I’m her ‘busy’ little girl, and, she thinks I’m a real sweetheart too!  Check out my video to see me with FM.  When I first got to her home, FM said that I was very unsure of myself, and I needed to be with her – everywhere she went!  But I got over that need pretty quickly, and once I settled in, I calmed down and started to enjoy the good life. 

I currently am residing with one cat, and two dogs (one male, one female).  MS. CAT swatted me once on the nose when I first arrived (wow, what a nice, loving welcome that was!), so my thought now is if I just leave her alone – life is good.  I love both of FM’s dogs – we play and wrestle whenever the mood strikes us.  

I stay nicely in a 5 foot fenced back yard, but I’ve been known to jump a 4 foot fence.   I like to play ‘tag’ through the fence too with neighbor dogs.  I have been crated before – overnight, and also when FM has to leave me alone.  She says I can be a bit of a chewer (I get anxious sometimes when I’m alone), and I love to shred  those silly stuffed toys, but give me nylabones, rawhides and biscuits, and I’m happy as a clam.  

I do best with dogs that either establish the fact that they are in charge right up front and I defer, or I love dogs that just are all about play and nothing else – and then, I’m in love.  I also love car rides.  I can either be sitting there, looking at everything in the world and getting excited, or, I could lie down and snooze…you just never know with me. 

FM has been working with me both at the off leash park and at learning basic commands.  I know sit and come, and I’m pretty good at look, down and off.  I know the Zen game too – ask FM about it.  At the off leash park, I love to tear out right away and run and run; but after a bit, I want to find FM and relax next to her, too.  

FM says that I absolutely love a good belly rub, a lot of ear scratching and snuggling too.   FM says that sometimes I will be walking, and all of a sudden I just stop in my tracks, and she knows now that I just want a belly rub.  Yep, right then, right there!   I would love that every single day, ok?  That would make me one very happy girl.  

FM says that the best things about me are my sweet nature and also how energetic I am.  I love to take long walks, and I would be a great dog to jog or run with – believe me, I can go and go!  FM says that I like to show off sometimes because I have lots of acrobatic moves that make people smile and clap!  I’ve been caught doing occasional back flips or flying leaps over a birdbath.   I think I’m pretty cool! 

I really have a heart of gold, and I need a family that has one too.  Do I sound like the perfect dog for you?  I really need my own place because FM can’t keep me forever.  The longer I stay, the longer I will try to make her home my forever home, and it can’t be.  So    please contact Wayside about me as soon as you can, ok?   I can’t wait to meet you!   

Love from Nala

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