May 29 2010

Nala is a Foster Dog Looking for Her Forever Loving Home

Hi, I’m Nala, and I’m a young, energetic, loving and absolutely gorgeous Doberman Pinscher mix that is holding my breath – hoping that at any minute someone will come for me and make me their forever dog!  I came into Wayside when my time was running out at another local shelter, and after all the time at that shelter, and then coming here, well, I was experiencing what they call “shelter stress”. 

So Foster Mom (FM) to my rescue!  FM describes me as clever, curious, and very smart. She says I’m her ‘busy’ little girl, and, she thinks I’m a real sweetheart too!  Check out my video to see me with FM.  When I first got to her home, FM said that I was very unsure of myself, and I needed to be with her – everywhere she went!  But I got over that need pretty quickly, and once I settled in, I calmed down and started to enjoy the good life. 

I currently am residing with one cat, and two dogs (one male, one female).  MS. CAT swatted me once on the nose when I first arrived (wow, what a nice, loving welcome that was!), so my thought now is if I just leave her alone – life is good.  I love both of FM’s dogs – we play and wrestle whenever the mood strikes us.  

I stay nicely in a 5 foot fenced back yard, but I’ve been known to jump a 4 foot fence.   I like to play ‘tag’ through the fence too with neighbor dogs.  I have been crated before – overnight, and also when FM has to leave me alone.  She says I can be a bit of a chewer (I get anxious sometimes when I’m alone), and I love to shred  those silly stuffed toys, but give me nylabones, rawhides and biscuits, and I’m happy as a clam.  

I do best with dogs that either establish the fact that they are in charge right up front and I defer, or I love dogs that just are all about play and nothing else – and then, I’m in love.  I also love car rides.  I can either be sitting there, looking at everything in the world and getting excited, or, I could lie down and snooze…you just never know with me. 

FM has been working with me both at the off leash park and at learning basic commands.  I know sit and come, and I’m pretty good at look, down and off.  I know the Zen game too – ask FM about it.  At the off leash park, I love to tear out right away and run and run; but after a bit, I want to find FM and relax next to her, too.  

FM says that I absolutely love a good belly rub, a lot of ear scratching and snuggling too.   FM says that sometimes I will be walking, and all of a sudden I just stop in my tracks, and she knows now that I just want a belly rub.  Yep, right then, right there!   I would love that every single day, ok?  That would make me one very happy girl.  

FM says that the best things about me are my sweet nature and also how energetic I am.  I love to take long walks, and I would be a great dog to jog or run with – believe me, I can go and go!  FM says that I like to show off sometimes because I have lots of acrobatic moves that make people smile and clap!  I’ve been caught doing occasional back flips or flying leaps over a birdbath.   I think I’m pretty cool! 

I really have a heart of gold, and I need a family that has one too.  Do I sound like the perfect dog for you?  I really need my own place because FM can’t keep me forever.  The longer I stay, the longer I will try to make her home my forever home, and it can’t be.  So    please contact Wayside about me as soon as you can, ok?   I can’t wait to meet you!   

Love from Nala

May 26 2010

Meet Zyrus!

You really can’t imagine how uncomfortable it is for me to write this bio for my web page.  You see, at this point in my life, I prefer to go unnoticed and hide within the safety of my kennel.  With the help of my wonderful Foster Mom (FM) though, I am slowly but surely coming out of my shell and learning how great life can be.  So I will reluctantly tell you a little about myself, but please keep my frame of reference in mind as you read my story. 

I’m a shy but playful, especially with other dogs, smart, soft and gentle 7 month old Border Collie/Shepherd mix named Zyrus, and I’m in the market for a forever home of my very own.  I’m still just a pup, but I’ve never been socialized or taught what it means to simply be a dog.  That’s what I want.  That’s what I dream about.  Life can be scary for me.  But every once in awhile, when I get focused on a fun game with my doggie friends, I show moments where I’m not afraid and I know life is good.  That’s when FM talks about what a fabulous dog she knows I can become.  I know I’ll get there too, but having someone else believe in me is an amazing feeling. 

I originally came to Wayside as a stray with my 5 brothers and sisters.  Just a family of puppies who longed to be loved, that’s all we were.  They all got adopted and are living large with their very own families.  Sure I miss them, but I know it’s time to focus on me, so that’s why I agreed to go beyond my comfort zone and tell you about my life.  Right away, my Wayside buddies realized that I was special, but super shy and sensitive, so they found me the world’s best FM to show me the way.  

She’s teaching me so many new things and letting me experience life for the first time.  It’s a first for me to get brushed and bathed.  And I’m not comfortable just hanging out and cuddling with someone yet, but I want to get there so badly! Luckily, FM has another dog, Louie, and he’s the best teacher I could ask for.  His goal is to help teach me all about what it means to be a dog.  Sometimes our whole family goes out for walks.  I love to explore the neighborhood and it’s fun when we meet new dogs along the way.  I don’t care too much for the people that the dogs are usually with, so I just ignore them. 

I’m partially housebroken and fully crate trained.  I still have a few accidents now and then, especially when I’m nervous.  I feel so safe in my crate, sometimes I actually run to get in it.  I stay in my crate at night and when FM is at work and that is fine with me.  Like I mentioned, life gets scary for dogs like me…quick movements, unfamiliar people, new activities…I’m trying so hard, but it’s a slow process.  So I’m looking for a family with lots of patience to help guide me.  I promise to not cause much trouble.  I never get on furniture at FM’s house.  I don’t bark much, unless I’m trying to alert FM to things she needs to be aware of.  I stay in my yard and have not been destructive at all, which is pretty awesome, considering my age.  

Having someone care about me and for me for the first time in my life is sometimes overwhelming to me.  But I’m learning to enjoy life now.  FM says I am super focused and the way I learn is by watching, processing in my mind, and then imitating.  That’s why my dog brother, Louie, has been so great for me.  It’s crazy, but sometimes I just sit and watch him.  FM insists that once I learn to relax, I am so smart that you will be able to teach me almost anything!  How’s that for a vote of confidence?  I’m entertaining to her when I start to have fun and play, and it makes her happy to know she’s helping me grow more self assured every day.  I just need time, that’s all.  

As you can probably guess, there’s a certain type of home that I’m hoping for and dreaming of.  Well, my number one desire is patience, love, and someone who understands me for who I am.  Having another dog around to teach me and play with me would be awesome too.  Since I’m still young, sometimes my play gets a little rough, but I’m working on that!  And I would love to have someone around a lot, because life is so much sweeter when you’re not alone.  A daily walk is also on my wish list, since it is one of my most favorite things to do and it helps me experience life in a positive way.  I tend to like women more than men, but I promise to do my best to get along with and trust all family members.  FM does think that a home with no kids or kids over 12 or so would be best for me.  

Although I will probably always be somewhat shy, there is a fun-loving, happy, and friendly guy here inside of me just waiting to get out and enjoy life.  I promise to work every day at overcoming my fears and insecurities.  With your guidance, love, and understanding, I know I can get there!  So if you think you might be interested in helping a sweet, shy soul come out of his shell and start living life to the fullest, please give Wayside a call and schedule a time to meet me! Thanks for your time! 

Love, Zyrus

May 22 2010

Getting Ready for Flea & Tick Season

We have enjoyed some cool weather so far this year, but that is about to change in the Kansas City Metro this week.  Forecasters are calling for a warming trend and that means preparing your pet for the outdoors.   As the foliage greens up, shrubbery and undergrowth become denser, and the grass gets longer, another creature shows up for a romp: the flea.

Prevention is the best way to deal with these pesky creatures. Once they get a firm hold of your pet, they’ll end up on carpets, upholstery, bedding–and you. Eradication at that stage is a migraine waiting to happen, so take action now, when fleas are just starting to lay eggs.

If you’ve had flea problems in the past, or your yard has a lot of dense undergrowth, consider a yard application as well as direct prevention on your pet. Concentrated liquid insecticides that you apply with a garden hose work well and are available at hardware stores and home and garden centers. Because the KC metro has a long warm season, two applications will probably be necessary.

In the house, be sure a dog or cat’s bedding is washed in very hot water weekly during flea season. Vacuum frequently and empty vacuum-cleaner bags right away. While this will cut down on fleas taking hold in the house, you’ll need an indoor insecticide if you’ve actually seen fleas on pets or furniture.

Finally, and most important, your dog, cat, or other mammal needs its own flea prevention if spending lots of time outdoors. Recent research has brought up concerns over the safety of over-the-counter topical flea preventatives, which have shown to be toxic in some cases to animals and humans. Veterinarian-prescribed preventatives have fared much better in safety tests and still are considered the best option for direct flea prevention for mammals. But to be safe, consider these factors:

  • Products are not interchangeable. Follow directions for species and weight of each pet.
  • Administer the product exactly as the manufacturer recommends.
  • Ill, pregnant, and elderly pets may be poor candidates for topical flea preventatives.
  • Check with your vet before using any chemical product, particularly those available over the counter.

Wayside Waifs also offers a variety of flea and tick treatments for your pet as well.  When you purchase these and other pet supplies from Wayside, you are also helping us to save the lives of other abandoned, abused and homeless animals. 

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

May 21 2010

Meet Apollo!

Apollo is looking for his forever loving home!

Apollo is looking for his forever loving home!

Meet Apollo! This senior Briard mix is super cute and loving! Apollo came into Wayside after he was found as a stray, and his owner never came to claim him. So now Apollo is looking for a new forever family.

Apollo enjoys the company of people. He is friendly, affectionate, and social with just about everybody he meets. He is a bit picky about his dog friends, and he would like to meet any canine companions before going home with you for good. He likes to run with the cool crowd, you know, and he just wants to make certain his friends meet his standards! Apollo is generally well mannered, and he loves going for leisurely strolls around the Wayside campus.

If you think Apollo is the right dog for you, come down to Wayside to meet him today!

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

May 15 2010

Meet Thalia!

Hi there- I’m Thalia; a 2 year old, slim 65lb, Greyhound/Lab mix. My sweet disposition and gentle soul is sure to win you over. My mom had to bring me to Wayside because I just couldn’t seem to get along with the other dogs in the home. I tried real hard and it hurt my mom to have to give me up but she wants me to have a chance to be the best I can be. But other than that little bump in the road I’m practically perfect!

I get along great with cats and other small and furries (I’ve lived with ferrets before). I’ve got the sweetest face and I love to cuddle! My favorite thing to do is be right next to my human. I’m very loyal and just want to make you happy! I know simple obedience (sit, wait, lay down, off, crate, car) and the only thing lethal about me is my tail! I’m also housebroken! I am very food motivated and can learn anything you want me to with a couple of beggin’ strips! Most of the time I feel like I’m a lap dog, and

I don’t know my own strength so I probably won’t do too well with young children. I like to be active and would love going for long walks or runs. Did I mention I’m a pretty good jumper? I have to have a big fence to keep me in or I get excited and jump over to look around. In my old home, my mom had a 6ft privacy fence and I did great! Also, the good news is that I’m really wonderful on leash and am very easy to walk! As active as I can be, I also enjoy just lying down and watching TV with you! I’m looking for a home that can devote plenty of attention to me (I’m kind of an attention hog).

Along with being housetrained I’m also crate trained! I love my crate and sometimes I’ll just go in my crate and lay down without being told to! I need a family that can be patient and that understands it may take me some time to adjust to my new surroundings. If I sound like someone you could love, and you would like to meet me, I’m at Wayside on Sundays and Mondays or you can contact my foster mom to set up a time to get together! She’s been taking care of me for a while and would love to talk with you! Her name is Alyssa and her email address is, or you can call her anytime at 816-447-2240. I can’t wait to meet you!

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

May 13 2010

A Dog’s Purpose

We are very pleased to tell you about a wonderful opportunity that’s come our way-a partnership with Rainy Day Books to raise important funds for Wayside Waifs. 

A great new novel about dogs, A Dog’s Purpose, is coming out July 6, 2010.  Between now and then, Rainy Day Books is accepting orders for the book, “pre-sales” as they are called.   For every pre-sale of A Dog’s Purpose, Rainy Day Books will donate 10% of the cover price to Wayside Waifs.  That’s around $2.20 for every pre-sale.  It could add up quickly, providing us badly needed funds!   Best yet, it is money we make without having to spend money-there’s no overhead cost to us.

This novel is being lauded by some of the nation’s top animal advocates.  More about that below, but first, here are the details of the program.  To support this effort, all you need to do is buy one or more copies of A Dog’s Purpose by going to the book store’s website or by phoning in your order at (913) 384-3126, or by visiting the store to place your order at 2706 W. 53rd Street,, Fairway, KS 66205

Be sure to tell them you want the money to go to Wayside Waifs, as they are donating to two charities in this program.  A Dog’s Purpose is written by the NY Times Bestselling Author and nationally syndicated newspaper columnist W. Bruce Cameron.  Read more about the author at .


Written by Ashlee Parker
Communications Relations Manager at Wayside Waifs

May 7 2010

Patti Melt Is Looking For Her Forever Loving Home!

Patty Melt Is Looking For Her Forever Loving Home!

Patty Melt is my name! I was given this name because I was found wandering around at Burger King and some nice folks brought me here to Wayside. I was soooooo scared when I got here, I didn’t trust anyone. All the volunteers and staff were so nice to me I soon, slowly…, started to let my guard down and trust a little bit!! I am really smart so they were able to teach me a few tricks for treats. “I believe” my name suggests that my heart needs to melt and allow myself to be truly loved. A couple of months ago I was taken into foster, by my friend and FM, Ashley. She is teaching me that life can feel fun and safe.
So here I am living in a temporary home and what I really need to meet my full potential is a permanent sense of security. A knowing that I am finally HOME.

Ashley needs to work throughout the day, so I stay in my crate, which I do not mind if I get a good treat, like a Kong filled with peanut butter. My crate does give me my space to reflect on letting go of my fear of strangers. So if my FM has friends over I go in my crate until I relax a little to come out and meet them. My foster family consists of Ashley and her cat, who is very…dog savvy. I was tempted to chase her, being the herding dog that I am, so she kept me on a leash until she was sure I would not chase the cat. Now we just coexist and the cat likes to chase me… I find this a bit confusing and do not know if I should be scared or just play with the cat. The cat will not let me sleep in the bedroom so I sleep in my own bed in the living room. Cats?? Strange creatures!!

My Fm says I am a quick learner but I need mental stimulation. I know how to sit, down, roll over, speak, spin and target to a tennis ball. Wow!! I am impressed with myself!! I am also learning to wait and to do my tricks without treats, just for the love of it.

I am extremely playful, attentive and full of energy and I am relaxed when I am at home with my FM and like to play with her on the floor with my favorite toy, my blue plush dog. I guess my biggest issue is my fear of strangers. I really want to like people but they just scare me, until I get to know them. Once I do, you can pet me, touch my paws and even give me a bath. I am good on a leash (unless I see a squirrel) but hey life should be fun! We walk a couple of times a day and I love it!! I would love to jog with my new owner, the more energy I expend the better. I love car rides too now, ‘cause we usually go somewhere fun, like the park. I am completely housetrained, I do not chew on things I am not supposed to and I do not counter surf. What a great thing!

I also love other dogs (not small ones so much) but then dogs come with owners…!! and there is that fear of strangers. Strangers just move too fast!!! With more experience and patience from my new family I know I will learn to handle strangers more comfortably, but I will probably always be a bit leery. Not to change the subject! But then, there are my great brown feet that look like boots.

I would love my new family to be a very active person with lot’s of patience and a very strong understanding of positive reinforcement training. I would probably do better with a single or a couple with no children.

My FM says I am a great dog with the potential to do great things. If it’s true that only the truly good are truly great, then she is right because I am a really good dog just wanting to be loved in a forever Home. Love, Patty Melt

May 1 2010

Meet Myra!

Myra is looking for her forever home!

Myra is looking for her forever home!

Meet Myra! This senior girl came into Wayside when her owners could no longer care for her. Their lives had changed, and Myra didn’t adjust well to all the changes. And unfortunately, she ended up here. We are happy to have Myra, and we are trying to make her feel comfortable until her new family can be found.

Myra is super sweet and affectionate, but she prefers the company of teenagers or adults. Small children tend to scare her with their fast movements and loud voices. Myra would do best in a calm home where she can spend her days lazing in a sunny spot on the floor or curled up for a nap on the couch. She loves snuggling on the couch with her family watching TV or simply cuddling while you read a book.

If you think Myra is the right cat for your family, come down to Wayside to meet her today!

Posted by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

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