Two Dogs, Two People, 10 Legs

Lance has always loved Brittanys.  His wife Paula is more drawn to Labs.  Lance and Paula enjoyed more than fourteen years with their beloved lab, Midnight*  and their Brittany, Stella*, but they had known for months that it wouldn’t be much longer for the two dogs who loved each other, and their humans, so very much.  That dreaded time came and they lost both of their babies. 

Enter Wayside Waifs.  Lance was perusing and saw the CUTEST Brittany named Alex.  Alex had all the beautiful markings and characteristics of a Brittany that Lance loved, and so he coaxed Paula to come to Wayside today during our 3rdAnnual Adoptathon- an event extravaganza sponsored by 106.5 The Wolf wherein all animals at Wayside Waifs go home for half the adoption price.   

It was love at first sight for Lance and Alex.  One catch, though, when Alex was first brought to Wayside as a stray found in Raymore, she had a severe injury on her foot.  Due to neglect, the injury did not heal well and could cause further harm if the limb was not removed.  So the Wayside vets went to work, and now Alex is a cute, cuddly, healthy 3-legged Brittany who found a new home today. 

But the story doesn’t end here.  While Lance was bonding with Brittany Alex, a black Lab named Lou caught the eye of his wife Paula.  Lou is a one year old who came to Wayside after a terrible run in with a car.  The good vets here at Wayside Waifs acted swiftly to save Lou’s life.  But they could not save Lou’s leg. 

You’ve probably guessed the end of this story. Lance and Paula now have two new forever friends- Lance adopted 3-legged Alex, and Paula adopted 3-legged Lou.  Sometimes, love is a four three legged word.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

(* names changed)

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