Gifts That Keep On Giving

Wayside Waifs has recently had several special projects that have become a reality thanks to the funding by wonderful donors with a vision, or specific hope for the shelter.  These projects, such as the new window in cat adoption, often are the brain child of a wonderful board member, donor or volunteer.  The cat window idea in particular came from a board member who adores cats and was concerned about the lack of daylight in our cat adoption area.  Although this donor funded the majority of the project, she rallied friends and other cat lovers to pitch in and get the job done.

Another opportunity was brought to my attention from a long time and much loved volunteer.  Her very dear friend was in Hospice and they were in the process of making final arrangements.  It was the wish of her friend that a gift be made to the animals, and it was her husbands wish this be a tangible object that could incorporate a small plaque in his dear wife’s memory.  After discussing several options, the choice was made to fund a large flat screen television for Wayside’s main hallway that will provide information and education about the multitude of programs and services Wayside Waifs provides.  It will also air several stories about the animals that have come to Wayside Waifs.

Projects like the television and the cat window are not included in our operating budget.  These gifts are above and beyond the tens of thousands of dollars it takes each month to pay for admissions, for utilities, for veterinarians, for medication, for food and for the comfort crew who provides daily care for over 7,000 animals we bring to Wayside Waifs every year.  Wayside Waifs is proud to operate on a shoestring budget while providing the best possible service and care for the animals whom we are giving the honor to care for.

We still rely upon your regular donations for daily operations.  We receive no government funding or funding from any national organizations.  It is only because of daily monetary gifts we receive that we are able to keep our doors open every day.  Remember no gift is too small, or too large, to make a difference in the life of an animal.   If you have questions about donating or would like to make a donation, please call me at 816-986-4401 or email to  You can also donate online.  There is no limit to the wonderful things that can be done for the animals.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

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