Mar 31 2010

Meet Molly!

Full of Love to Give!

Hi, I’m Molly, and my Wayside friends tell me I’m the nicest, sweetest, gentlest and most laid back dog ever to set foot inside the shelter. I can’t figure out a way to tell my new friends how my journey actually brought me here, except to say that a good Samaritan found me wandering on my own in the cold and snow right after Christmas this past year, and he brought me to Wayside for help.  

As an older gal, I’ve had a few health related issues that the vets have had to treat. They have not only done so with a great deal of skill, but also with an incredible amount of tenderness and compassion.  I couldn’t ask for a nicer family, well at least until my forever family comes to get me.  Everyone at Wayside knows my name, and everyone out here wants to bestow as much love and attention upon me as is humanly possible. How lucky can a gal be?

Do I roll with the punches that life throws my way?  Surely you know that getting older means getting wiser, and I don’t let being in a shelter spoil my love of life or the people and treats in it!  I sit quietly and patiently in the bathtub awaiting my beauty treatments (I’m sure you must be smiling right now imagining me in the tub), I’m sometimes found behind the adoption counter sprawled out in the middle of the floor asleep (snoring usually), and my favorite thing is a long walk with a friend – I just smile and wag my tail the whole way. I sometimes sit for hours in the lobby acting as the official Wayside greeter dog for all those who come to visit. Everyone stops to say hello and give me a pet and a treat, and everyone comments on just how sweet and loving I am.  Do I hear what else people say when they meet me?   Sure, I hear them say that they would adopt me in a heartbeat, if only I were a younger dog.   I know, I know, that must be the reason I’m still waiting for my forever home.   

Yes, youth certainly has its perks; I haven’t forgotten what it is like to be a young pup with all that energy and sparkle.  I’m a much calmer gal now, and I want my new life to be spent cuddling, taking long walks, and having you talk to me about the important things in your life.  I don’t have the energy level of a puppy any longer, but I still have lots and lots of sparkle! 

Maybe you are like some people who are reluctant to adopt a senior dog because you are afraid that our time together will be too short.  I understand that kind of reluctance.  Losing someone you love can be incredibly painful, and your heart can be heavy with sadness.  We never have enough time together on this earth, do we?    

The love it takes to adopt an older dog is born from strength, commitment and a willingness to risk the pain and heartache that loss can bring.   Life is all about love and loss though, isn’t it?  We all grow old, and we all experience pain when we lose the friends we’ve made along life’s journey.  If you think of an older dog as one that you will only have a short time with, wouldn’t it make you want to live every day with me to its fullest?  Wouldn’t you want to create thousands of memories to treasure forever?  Living each day as though it is your last can create more joy than one can even imagine.  

If you take me home, I’m sure that you will get more love and more fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.  I can promise that I will shower you with all the love and affection I can muster in appreciation for your giving me a second chance at a wonderful life.  I will look at you every day with unwavering devotion and a profound sense of gratefulness for my new life.  I will be your best friend.

The staff and volunteers at Wayside know me quite well.  They all look past my age and see the most gorgeous, loving, wise, patient and still quite young hearted girl that they love dearly.  They know that what I want most in life is my own home and another chance to make someone very happy.  Though I may be a little older, I have as much love to give you as any other dog – perhaps even more.  Please don’t forget that, and please consider whether you or someone you may know has room in your heart and home for a dog like me.   If you can make the commitment to adopting me, I have a lifetime of love to give you.   That is priceless!  

I hope I get the opportunity to meet you.  You’ll see right away what a sweetheart I am.  I will make the best dog in the world to you, you just wait and see. Let’s live life together in the here and now and make the most out of every minute of every day we have together. I’ll be here – waiting for you to come find me and take me home.  Make sure you watch my video!

Love from Molly

Mar 27 2010

Meet Annie!

Annie is waiting for her forever loving home!

Annie is waiting for her forever loving home!

Purrs and meows!   I’m Annie!  Sadly, I’m now Wayside’s longest kitty resident, and I’m hoping you’ll soon change my luck. Before I came to Wayside Waifs, I was taken in by a couple when I was abandoned there by a neighbor. They took care of me for six months but then had to give me up because they had a dog that did not like cats. If you asked them about me, they would tell you I am affectionate.  I love a warm lap, am very gentle when playing, and – can you imagine – a lazy couch potato! They also disclosed how I like to snuggle around ankles. Now they have spoiled my surprise for you when you got me home! I am not big on children, so it would be better for me if there weren’t any in your home. (Because it is all about me, right?!) I have been at Wayside the longest of any cats here and would love to find my forever home! I don’t know why I have been overlooked, but you will now find me in what is called a “Hug Room.” You can come in, sit down and visit with me. I will give you lots of love, lap time and great companionship. Come to Wayside and visit me in person. My charms will not be lost on you!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs



Mar 26 2010

Meet Lennox!

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome guy, Lennox!  He is gorgeous 8 year old Purebred American PitBull Terrier searching for a home of his own. His previous owner moved out of state and could no longer take care of him, so now he has made his way to Wayside. He is fully housebroken, and great with kids of all ages as well as dogs and cats. He would love to meet all family members before going home though. He is not only looking for a home of his own, but the PERFECT home of his own. Due to his breed, we want to make certain Lennox is going to the best home possible! Pit Bulls are often painted in a negative light, and Lennox wants to help bring down that stereotype. To do that, he needs an owner that is willing to do his/her part to ensure that Lennox remains an excellent Pit Bull ambassador and pet. He is very relaxed, friendly and social.  If you are looking to add to your family, come out and meet Lennox!

Written by Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs



Mar 20 2010

One More Winter Blast- Protect the Paws!

Paw Safe is completely safe for pets and availble at Wayside Waifs!

Safe Paw is completely safe for pets and available at Wayside Waifs!

Just when we thought Spring was here- what a surprise!  The Kansas City area is receiving one more blast from “old man winter” before allowing my already budding tree’s to flourish!  The awesome staff at Wayside Waifs has been busy all day shoveling the walks and clearing drives and parking lots for visitors.  When winter weather hits, most people go right for the salt to treat ice and snow covered areas.  But because this common ice remedy poses a real health risk to pets, our staff depends on Safe Paws.  Today, is no exception!

Salt based products used to melt ice contain sodium chloride or potassium chloride which heats up quickly (to 175 degrees) when exposed to water, ice and freezing temperatures.  When your pet walks in the treated areas, the crystal salt pellets can very easily get stuck in the fur between your dog’s toes.  When these pellets come into contact with water, it can burn the pads of their paws, mouth and digestive tract. 

Safe Paws was developed by a chemical engineer “to eliminate the health and environmental problems.”  Safe Paws does not contain any salt and is made of crystalline amide core infused special glycols that are non-corrosive and have a two-way time-released action.

Safe Paws Ice Melter is available at Wayside Waifs for $16.50/gallon.  This is $2.50-$3.00 less than most pet supply storesNot to mention, all of the proceeds help Wayside in their mission to save the lives of thousands of abandoned, abused and homeless pets. 

Keep all members of your family safe this winter season and come in today to pick up your supply of Safe Paws!

Written By Trish Stinger
Web Marketing Manager at Wayside Waifs

Mar 17 2010

Pet Memorial Services at Wayside Waifs

I am always so honored in my position as Director of Development for Wayside Waifs when I speak to donors, they are often comfortable enough to share their personal stories with me.  Stories of how their pet, the one who “chose them”, made all the difference in their lives.  Often these stories are particularly poignant because I hear them after their beloved pet has passed.

I will never forget the voice of the woman who called to make a donation for a technician who worked in her veterinarians office.  The vet tech took such loving care of her precious Daschund, Mabel.  Mabel had passed just last month, and the technician, a month later.  She wanted to make a gift in both their honor.  She described to me how she was still so engulfed in her grief; how it just didn’t seem to have any end.  She feared that life would never be the same for her.  She even had the need to go on medication to ease the pain.  The extent of her sadness was palpable over the phone.

Another moving story was from a woman, Irene, who lived in a nursing home.  She was calling about wording in her will for a planned gift for Wayside Waifs.  When I asked her about her decision to chose Wayside, she admitted that it was her husband who had taught her about the powerful love animals give.  She described to me the last pet she had prior to moving into assisted living, a beautiful orange tabby cat named Precious.  Irene said her husband, John, had a habit of playing a game of solitaire before retiring for the night.  Precious would sit on his lap to “help”.  Precious had the unusual ability to place his paw on the aces, only the aces, and steal them off the table.  When Precious passed, John never played another hand of solitaire.  When Irene prodded him to continue with his evening ritual, John replied, “I can’t.  I lost my partner.”

There are not enough words to be written about the love the animals provide us.  The risk of loving someone is losing them, and it is often inevitable that we will outlive our pets.  Many do find some comfort in knowing that you don’t have to go through it alone.  Wayside Waifs Pet Memorial Services provides caring compassionate end of life services for animals.  And you can feel especially good about knowing that all income received through this program goes directly  back in supporting care for the 6,500 homeless, abandoned and abused animals Wayside Waifs has the priviledge of caring for every year.  It’s truly a wonderful way to honor the memory of your pet.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

Mar 13 2010

Please, No Pets for Easter


Every spring, just in time for Easter, the rabbit population begins its annual explosion. Some parents can’t resist tucking a real live bunny in the basket along with the jelly beans.  But animal welfare groups across the country, from the Missouri House Rabbit Society to shelters nationwide, issue the same plea: Don’t give in.

First of all, a holiday is no time to get a pet. A new pet will be frightened and disoriented; it deserves a calm, even boring debut, not barking dogs, a houseful of strangers, and frenzied children darting around looking for eggs.

But more important, bunnies–and this goes for chicks and ducks, too–are more high-maintenance than you might think. They can’t independently roam your house, unless you don’t mind them gnawing down the dining-room chair legs or tattering your curtains. They need a lot of attention and interaction (kids are great at this part … at first). They need a large indoor cage, exercise, and grooming. And fowl of any kind will need some sort of coop, feed, possibly a water source to swim in, and protection from predators. And did I mention the mess?

A rabbit or duck’s lifespan is ten-plus years. The commitment is the same as for a cat or a dog, and these animals cannot be abandoned to the wild and expected to “make it.” Without the defenses and street savvy of their wild cousins, they’re sure to fall victim to predators.

A rabbit can make a wonderful pet–if you’ve done your research, have the space and time necessary, and have prepared your home and family for its arrival.  You may be ready for the joys of a pet bunny. But please, wait until after Easter.

(For more information on rabbit care, visit the Humane Society of the United States information page. As always, we urge you to consider adopting a homeless animal from a shelter or rescue center.)

Mar 11 2010

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Wayside Waifs has recently had several special projects that have become a reality thanks to the funding by wonderful donors with a vision, or specific hope for the shelter.  These projects, such as the new window in cat adoption, often are the brain child of a wonderful board member, donor or volunteer.  The cat window idea in particular came from a board member who adores cats and was concerned about the lack of daylight in our cat adoption area.  Although this donor funded the majority of the project, she rallied friends and other cat lovers to pitch in and get the job done.

Another opportunity was brought to my attention from a long time and much loved volunteer.  Her very dear friend was in Hospice and they were in the process of making final arrangements.  It was the wish of her friend that a gift be made to the animals, and it was her husbands wish this be a tangible object that could incorporate a small plaque in his dear wife’s memory.  After discussing several options, the choice was made to fund a large flat screen television for Wayside’s main hallway that will provide information and education about the multitude of programs and services Wayside Waifs provides.  It will also air several stories about the animals that have come to Wayside Waifs.

Projects like the television and the cat window are not included in our operating budget.  These gifts are above and beyond the tens of thousands of dollars it takes each month to pay for admissions, for utilities, for veterinarians, for medication, for food and for the comfort crew who provides daily care for over 7,000 animals we bring to Wayside Waifs every year.  Wayside Waifs is proud to operate on a shoestring budget while providing the best possible service and care for the animals whom we are giving the honor to care for.

We still rely upon your regular donations for daily operations.  We receive no government funding or funding from any national organizations.  It is only because of daily monetary gifts we receive that we are able to keep our doors open every day.  Remember no gift is too small, or too large, to make a difference in the life of an animal.   If you have questions about donating or would like to make a donation, please call me at 816-986-4401 or email to  You can also donate online.  There is no limit to the wonderful things that can be done for the animals.

Written by Marla Svoboda
Director of Development at Wayside Waifs

Mar 6 2010


Patti with her dog Lucy

Patti with her dog Lucy

As I prepare to retire from Wayside Waifs, I find myself reflecting on the memories of the everyday heroes that make this place so extraordinary.  There is a commitment here unlike anything I have ever experienced.  There is never a doubt about why we are here or what we must do on any given day.  But, it is truly those everyday heroes that make Wayside Waifs what it is today.  I feel compelled to share a few examples of the work of the heart that is Wayside Waifs.

There were those volunteer and staff members who rushed to Louisiana to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  They never thought about their own discomfort.  They just knew they had to go.

The incredible volunteers who come in every day regardless of the weather to make sure that every dog gets a walk and each cat in our care receives human touch.  There are many of these unsung heroes who are compelled to come here every day to do what they can to brighten each animal’s day.

We have a number of staff people whose personal stories of tragedy, struggle, and fortitude are humbling.  And yet, they make it here every day to ensure that every animal in our care receives what it needs.  These people are in need of care themselves, yet they find the capacity to give what is needed to a lonely and frightened animal who doesn’t fully understand what is happening here.

And, I can’t leave out the animals who are heroes to all of us.  They come to us abused, injured, sick and frightened.  One would think that their spirits would be forever broken.  But, time and time again, we see them respond to a caring touch and then blossom into a loving, trusting companion willing to give us humans another chance.

Watching our foster parents care for the most vulnerable animals is inspiring.  They take them home when they need 24 hour care or they need a little extra time to heal and learn to trust again.  They love them, care for them, nurture them back to health and then bring them back here and trust us to find them the perfect forever home.

Our incredible veterinarians, who see and treat the wounds inflicted by humans, cars, or other animals but never give up.  They medicate, heal, amputate, cure and then just keep caring, knowing the next animal to come in may be in worse condition than the one before.

And, I can’t forget the donors who keep this place going so that we can do the work we do every day.  They give generously of their hearts, and we are honored by their confidence in us to do the best we can for each and every animal that finds its way here.

Wayside is truly a story of tragedy and triumph.  We are all…humans and animals alike…much better for having the opportunity to spend some time here.  I, for one, am grateful.

Written by Patti Glass
President of Wayside Waifs

Mar 5 2010

Wayside Leads the Pack in Support of Proposed Bill

You Can Save the Lives of Thousands of Dogs in Missouri!

You Can Save the Lives of Thousands of Dogs in Missouri!

Wayside Waifs has joined forces with Missourians for the Protection of Dogs and the Humane Society of the United States to clean up Missouri Puppy Mills. Wayside is in full support of the proposed Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act and is encouraging Missouri voters to visit our shelter during weekends in March to sign the official petition. This gives Missouri voters a quick and convenient way to lend their support to this important campaign.

If you are not familiar with the petition or proposed bill, here is an article written by Courtney Thomas, Director of Operations at Wayside Waifs that discusses the proposed bill and how it would impact the lives of thousands of dogs in the state of Missouri.

Being known as the puppy mill state in the nation certainly isn’t something to brag about. It is especially concerning to organizations such as Wayside Waifs, who work assiduously to promote the well-being of companion animals.  As a state, as a community, we need to stand up and shout to end the inhumane operations know as puppy mills.  Driven by money, not by care, concern and reverence for life, these heartless breeders must be held accountable for their despicable actions.

If you knew the mother of the puppy you purchased from the pet store, or online from the breeder in the newspaper was being forced to breed even though she has mammary tumors, lice, cataracts, joint problems, was blind, suffers from urine burns, has missing limbs- and the list could go on and on- would you still purchase that puppy?  Would you still look at that cute puppy’s face the same way if you knew that the parents of your pup were forced to live in crowded conditions, on a wire floor covered with fecal matter, with limited protection from the elements, with seldom reprieve between litters, and rarely having felt the hand of a human? Sadly, these conditions are the reality for thousands of puppies across the state of Missouri every day.  In addition, thousands of Missouri puppies are sold and shipped across the country every month.

Even more disheartening is the fact that many of these breeders are licensed, even though living conditions for their animals are substandard. Adequate government resources have not been allocated in a way that enables the proper monitoring and follow-up on these puppy mill breeding operations. On occasion these breeders are forced to downsize (which could take them from inventory levels in the hundreds down to maybe fifty animals), but rarely are they completely prohibited from forcing the life of misery upon animals in the future. Often the animals caught in the “downsizing efforts” end up on the auction block to be sold to other breeders with the same money-hungry mentality verses try concern for health, well-being and quality of their offspring.

The good news is there is hope! The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, Humane Society of Missouri, The Humane Society of the United States and the Prevention for the Cruelty to Animals have joined forces and are spearheading efforts to get the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act placed on the November 2, 2010 ballot. However, getting the act on the ballot requires the help of Missouri voters! More than 130,000 signatures are needed from registered Missouri voters by April 27, 2010.

Staff from Wayside Waifs have been certified to collect petition signatures, and members of the public are encouraged to visit our shelter at 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO to sign the petition.

The act would require:
1. Sufficient food and clean water
2. Necessary Vet Care
3. Sufficient housing, including protection from the elements
    eliminating wire-floored cages
4. Sufficient space for dogs to turn, stretch, lie down
    and fully extend their limbs
5. Regular exercise
6. Adequate rest between breeding cycles

The entire ballot initiative can be found at 

Help Wayside Waifs collect the necessary signatures to end the suffering of dogs subject to live on one of over 1,500 puppy mills in Missouri.  No longer do we want to be the puppy mill capital of the nation currently failing the comply with Missouri laws related to animal welfare and the Animal Care Facilities Act passed in 1992.  With your help, we can become known as the state that truly cares about the welfare of our animals. 

Written by Trish Stinger, Web Marketing Manager and
Courtney Thomas, Director of Operations
at Wayside Waifs

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