Meet Zen!



Shy, but very friendly once I get to know you, energetic, housebroken, loving and playful, with one of the most expressive faces on earth-hi, I’m Zen, a 1-year-old make Chinese Shar-Pei mix searching for my new home.  Doesn’t that uniquely furrowed brow just take your breath away?

I want you to know that Wayside has been my savior not once- but twice in my short life.  I arrived the first time just last spring on the Rescue Waggin’, when I was only a pup.  I found a new home right away-but as the months went by, things didn’t go so well for my family and I came back to Wayside in December.

I needed huge doses of confidence building and socialization, so in an effort to give me a second chance, my Wayside pals found me a foster dad who has a willingness to help me overcome my insecurities.  Wow, from the first day there until now, I have had the very best time! My foster dad has two boy dogs, so we have formed our own fraternity!  The house has a doggie door to the backyard and we have the run of the house and outside during the day while he is off working hard to keep us in doggie biscuits.

I spend  the days wrestling with my buddies, chasing the ball, playing with all toys offered, and in the evening, I curl up on the couch with my foster dad and put my head in his lap for snuggle time.  At night, I sleep soundly on my very own doggie bed.  My foster dad has been introducing me to new life experiences- especially new people and young kids whenever he can.  I’ve found that little kids scare me a bit.  I’m a little like Cowardly Lion still, but I am working on getting more courage and being a very brave dog.  It’s hard, but I’m trying.

I hear my foster dad saying all the time what a good boy I am in so many ways.  I’m quiet, I don’t chew on things I shouldn’t (well, not much anyway), I respect his yard, I’m a lover and I do really well walking on a leash now.  Yes, I must admit I haven’t been perfect, but I’m trying and learning every day how to be the best dog I can be.

My foster dad actually says such nice things about me, and I think he knows me well enough to know that all I want from life is for someone to love me.  I am a dog that is very eager to please, and I want to find a family that wants to include me and make me an important part of their lives-and wants to encourage me to become the dog that I was always meant to be.

I’d live to get the chance to meet you.  You need to know that I may be a little shy or uncertain of you at first.  If you will just be patient with me, I’ll become your best friend-the most loyal and true blue of friends- for a lifetime to come.

Love from,
Zen the Dog

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