Oct 1 2009

Not Just Dogs and Cats Anymore

What's up doc?

What's Up Doc?

Everyone knows a shelter is the place to go when looking to add a dog or a cat to the family.   It is a win-win situation as you are saving a life and adding unconditional love to yours.  Did you know your local shelter may also have a lot of other companion animals available for adoption?  Animal shelters aren’t just for dogs and cats anymore.

With the proliferation of companion animals being sold by “pet stores”, more and more species of animals are showing up in animal shelters.  Currently at Wayside Waifs, besides the dogs and cats, we have 5 rabbits, 3 ferrets, 2 mice and a guinea pig.  Two weeks ago we adopted out 2 mice, 2 ferrets and a bearded dragon.  In my time at Wayside, I have also seen rats, hamsters, gerbils, hairless guinea pigs, boas, pythons, leopard geckos, chinchillas, cockatiels, a pigeon, a chicken and a goat come through our doors.

Some shelters will even have “farm animals” available for adoption.  Today, at the Humane Society of Missouri, you could adopt a horse, a goat, a cow, a donkey, a mule, a duck, a pig or a chicken.  Arizona Humane also has numerous small and furry creatures as well as horses available for adoption.  Most animal shelters will now have so much more than your feline and canine friends available for adoption.

All of these animals are here for the same reason as the dogs and cats–they are looking for a loving home because their last one could no longer care for them.  These creatures also deserve a second chance at finding the perfect human companion.  If you are thinking about adding a small and furry, a reptile, a bird or any other animal to your family, please contact your local animal shelter first.  You may just get the opportunity to save a life while adding unconditional love to yours. 

Written by Joe Hinkle
Manager of Behavior & Admissions at Wayside Waifs

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