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HI!  I’m Kali, an eleven year old adopted kitty.  I was a proponent of adoptions long before my mom starting working at Wayside Waifs (the best place to adopt, in my opinion!).  My mom asked me to talk about some of the things you should think about before you adopt a kitty.

My first bit of advice is to consider your living arrangements.  Landlords usually require a pet deposit and they sometimes require your kitty to be declawed.  If you live with other people they should all meet the kitty you are planning on adopting.  It’s also a very good idea to find out if anyone is allergic to kitties before you bring one home!

Speaking of declawing…please consider all alternatives! This is a very painful procedure which can cause some serious behavior issues and it’s simply not necessary.  My parents trim my toenails every week and I have several scratching posts around the house.  Just for the fun of it, I got some purple soft claws, I loved them!  (Wayside sells them and can put them on your adopted kitty before  you take her home).

Another thing to think about before you adopt a kitty is your financial responsibility.  When you adopt from Wayside Waifs your kitty will be spayed or neutered and will have all age appropriate vaccinations.  But as a pet parent, you will be responsible for any future medical care, yearly vaccinations, food, litter and toys.

And while you’re thinking about your finances, I’d like to talk to you about adopting two cats or kittens, rather than one!  While it will increase your financial responsibility, most cats and kittens really like having a partner.  I love snuggling and playing with my parents but my best friend is Fiona, a beautiful black kitty with green eyes.  Wayside offers a discount when you adopt two at a time!

I’m so glad you are considering adopting .  There are hundreds of amazing cats and kittens at Wayside Waifs and at shelters across the country that need a loving caring home.  Adoption is a lifetime commitment with tremendous rewards.  Spend time talking with the staff and volunteers who work in the shelter, they know the cats and can help you find the right match for you and your family.

Written by Barbara Poe on Kali’s behalf
Adoptions Program Manager

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