The Ultimate Litter-Box Solution

It’s arguably the least pleasant aspect of your feline family member–cleaning out the litter box. And because we encourage you to keep your cats indoors for their safety and health, you can’t avoid this chore. Or can you?

I’ve heard rumors for years that cats can be taught to use the toilet. I never tried it with ours, figuring that she was an old-lady cat whose arthritis might preclude such a feat. But the idea is intriguing, and thanks to YouTube, I’ve seen actual proof that this is possible.

Can any cat be toilet-trained? Personally, I think that cats are such independent, unique creatures that perhaps quite a few can’t be persuaded to depart from the litter-box habit. But maybe yours has the right stuff. Does he fit this profile?

  • fairly easygoing; not too freaked by changes in routine
  • motivated by treats/training to do what you want
  • already litter-trained
  • still a kitten (probably easier than training an adult)
  • not a tiny kitten (must be big enough to avoid falling in)

If your cat seems toilet-friendly, and you have the time and patience, check out this how-to article. Products are available to make the process easier, but jazz musician Charles MingusĀ  swears by good old-fashioned cardboard boxes to do the trick. If you give this a try with your kitty, let us know how it works! Good luck!

posted by Claire M. Caterer

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