Taking Pets on the Road

Photo courtesy of www.petwithpetcare.com

Photo courtesy of www.petwithpetcare.com

For me, it’s the hardest part of the trip: dropping off Eloise. She arrives at the boarder’s with her usual beagle-mix exuberance, tugging on the leash, sniffing everything and everyone in sight. Then I turn her over to the attendant and she gazes after me as I walk out, her floppy ears sagging. What? You’re not staying? 

If it’s tough to leave your hound behind, take heart: Plenty of places welcome your pet with open arms. Here are some tips to get you started on your pet-friendly vacation. 

  • Reserve before you go! This is no time to be spontaneous. Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more common, but they aren’t the rule. Be sure to ask about any restrictions when you call. 
  • Check your dog’s collar, leash, and tags. They should be secure and in good repair. Consider adding an ID tag with your cell-phone number on it–the more identification, the better. 
  • Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and won’t expire while on your trip. Bring any medications, including heartworm pills and flea prevention, with you. You should also have available any documentation regarding vaccinations and special health conditions. 
  • Summer safety rules apply, particularly when in your car. Review them at the Humane Society’s site here
  • Be sure you’ve considered all the angles, including how to find pet-friendly restaurants. If you’re bringing your pooch only to leave him alone in a hotel room all day, reconsider your plans. He would probably prefer to stay in a comfy doggy hotel where he can play with canine pals. 

For fun ideas on where to vacation with your dog, check out the June issue of Midwest Living magazine. Online, you can access a searchable database of pet-friendly hotels throughout North America at petswelcome.com.

Posted by Claire M. Caterer

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