A Different Way to Help

Shelters all over the country are facing overcrowded conditions as the economy worsens and animal lovers make the tough decision to give their beloved pets away. News 14 Carolina reported Sunday that Raleigh’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is doing their part to help. 


While the SPCA shelter deals with an influx of surrendered pets, they’ve also taken the initiative by creating a Pet Food Pantry program. Once a month, pet owners can come to a designated site to pick up donated pet food and supplies to last them the month. Mondy Lamb, spokeswoman for the SPCA of Wake County, is quoted on the shelter’s website:


“For many families, a month’s supply of pet food can mean the difference between keeping their pet or having to leave their pet at an animal shelter. … And for many pets, staying in their home and out of an animal shelter can mean the difference between life and death.” 


We can all learn from this example. Adopting additional pets is a wonderful gesture, but many of us can’t do that for many reasons: we can’t afford the full care of another pet; we have no further room in our homes; our own pets may not get along with other animals; we or our pets have allergies or other health issues.


But short of taking in more pets, we may have other options to help animals who are in danger of losing their homes. A struggling friend might appreciate a few bags of cat food or an offer to take the dog to the groomer. Maybe you could buy this month’s supply of heartworm pills or foot the bill for the annual vaccinations. People are more willing to accept help for their pets than for themselves. And anything we can do to keep pets with the people they love is worth trying—for their sakes as well as those of animal shelters trying to stem the tide.

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