Mar 30 2009

How to Vaccinate Safely

All of us know how important it is to keep our cats’ vaccinations current. Not only is it crucial for animals’ health, it’s the law in most cities that all pets be inoculated against rabies. Other vaccines, such as those against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV, the precursor to feline AIDS) and leukemia, extend the life and health of our cats. But not all vaccinations are created equal, as this story reported in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution illustrates.


As reported by Alison Young, a rare side effect of vaccinations is the development of cancerous tumors in cats, particularly between the shoulder blades, where in the past vaccinations were often given. Guidelines from the American Association of Feline Practitioners have recommended vaccinations be given in the leg, where tumors are less likely to develop and can be more easily treated if they do form. But enough doctors ignore these guidelines that injection site sarcomas still pose a serious problem for cats.


While stories like these are upsetting, it’s not an option to stop vaccinating our cats. The key is to play an active role in your pet’s medical care. Educate yourself as to which vaccines are critical and which can be considered optional, and always accompany your pet if possible when vaccinations are given. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet questions about the risk of vaccines and to monitor how shots are given. If your cat’s doctor is unwilling to share information, consider changing vets.


For more information on the AAFP’s guidelines, visit their web site for a brief summary of recommended vaccinations.  

Mar 27 2009

Hearth, Home, and a Friend to Share It All


We all know a home isn’t complete without a furry friend, and that’s why Wayside Waifs is featuring on-site adoptions at this year’s show, which returns to Bartle Hall Convention Center in downtown Kansas City.

Barney will be looking for his forever home at the Home Show this weekend.

Barney will be looking for his forever home at the Home Show this weekend.

It’s time again for the Greater Kansas City Home Show & Flower, Lawn and Garden Show!


This event attracts people from all over the area and offers great exposure for some of our most loveable adoptables. Wayside’s marketing director Jenny Brown notes that our waifs even go home to St. Joe, Kearney, and other points north of the metro. “Adoptions are still happening at the shelter as well,” says Brown. “It’s a busy weekend for us!”


Look for Wayside’s booth in the Pet Products Showcase, near the South Dock of the hall, next to the Gardens display. See you at the show!


Home Show Details:

WHEN: Friday through Sunday, March 27-29, 2009

11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday

WHERE: Bartle Hall Convention Center, 13th St & Central

Download directions and parking info on the Home Show site


$9.75 General Admission
$8.75 Seniors/Students
Children 12 and Under FREE with adult admission


SAVE $2 off general admission with this online coupon 




Mar 25 2009

Project Economy: Helping the smallest victims

KMBC just gave an entire day of coverage to the smallest victims of the recession – the animals.  Check out the reports that aired on Monday night and Tuesday night.

Mar 23 2009

A Different Way to Help

Shelters all over the country are facing overcrowded conditions as the economy worsens and animal lovers make the tough decision to give their beloved pets away. News 14 Carolina reported Sunday that Raleigh’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is doing their part to help. 


While the SPCA shelter deals with an influx of surrendered pets, they’ve also taken the initiative by creating a Pet Food Pantry program. Once a month, pet owners can come to a designated site to pick up donated pet food and supplies to last them the month. Mondy Lamb, spokeswoman for the SPCA of Wake County, is quoted on the shelter’s website:


“For many families, a month’s supply of pet food can mean the difference between keeping their pet or having to leave their pet at an animal shelter. … And for many pets, staying in their home and out of an animal shelter can mean the difference between life and death.” 


We can all learn from this example. Adopting additional pets is a wonderful gesture, but many of us can’t do that for many reasons: we can’t afford the full care of another pet; we have no further room in our homes; our own pets may not get along with other animals; we or our pets have allergies or other health issues.


But short of taking in more pets, we may have other options to help animals who are in danger of losing their homes. A struggling friend might appreciate a few bags of cat food or an offer to take the dog to the groomer. Maybe you could buy this month’s supply of heartworm pills or foot the bill for the annual vaccinations. People are more willing to accept help for their pets than for themselves. And anything we can do to keep pets with the people they love is worth trying—for their sakes as well as those of animal shelters trying to stem the tide.

Mar 19 2009

A Lion Called Christian

If you can watch the video of Christian the lion without tearing up, you may not be human.  This YouTube sensation made the rounds earlier this year.  Well, the two Aussies who owned Christian also wrote a book about their experience.  Originally published in 1971, A Lion Called Christian has been revised and updated with more than 50 photos. 

This love story struck the nation because everyone could relate to it – whether you love animals or not.  The story was about lost love and reuniting with someone whom you always wondered about.  For animal lovers, it makes us think about the cat that ran away and if he ever thought of you like you thought of him.  It makes you realize that all animals have feelings and emotions. 

Take a moment to appreciate the people and pets in your life.  Watch the video.  Read the book.  This is the stuff we love.

Mar 17 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 10 2009

Way to go Oprah!

Wayside Waifs would like to congratulate Oprah on ADOPTING a new puppy!  This is the first time Oprah has adopted from a shelter and we couldn’t be more proud!  Most viewers know that Oprah is a huge dog lover and has consistently has her dogs with her at the studio.  Loyal Oprah followers also know that she has gone to a breeder to purchase her dogs.

Oprah and her new puppy Sadie

Oprah and her new puppy Sadie

After her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Sophie died last year, Oprah was encouraged to investigate puppy mills.  Her story sparked national attention.  Finally, people began to realize that many of the cute puppies in the newspaper or at pet stores were actually from puppy mills.

In an effort to help break the cycle of pet overpopulation, Oprah and her partner Stedman, visited the PAWS shelter in Chicago.  She interacted with a litter of Cocker Spaniel puppies and one kept coming back to her.  The puppy was named Amanda by the shelter.  Later that night, Oprah returned to the shelter after spending time thinking about Amanda.  She adopted the pup and renamed her Sadie. 

Our hope is that all animals in shelters find homes.  We are sure that Sadie will be living a life most humans only dream about.  Way to go Oprah!

Mar 6 2009

Have you smiled today?

Watch this video.  You can’t help but smile.

This video leaves a warm feelings in our hearts!  Enjoy the weekend!

Mar 2 2009

Bittersweet endings

A story in the Missouri Springfield News-Leader today reports since January, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has rescued over 1,100 animals from substandard facilities across the state.  That’s twice as many as the same time last year.  The Department of Ag can’t really explain why this is happening.  Here at Wayside Waifs, we are happy that over 1,100 dogs now have better conditions.


Here at Wayside, we regularly work with the Department of Agriculture when they raid a breeder and need a place to take the animals.  Just last week, we received over 25 small breed dogs from a breeder in northeast Missouri who had been shut down.  Those dogs are not yet available for adoption.  We are still treating their medical conditions.


This two year old Shih Tzu was rescued from a breeder in Missouri.  He will need his eye removed due to a corneal ulcer.

This two year old Shih Tzu was rescued from a breeder in Missouri. He will need his eye removed due to a corneal ulcer.



Also last week, an unlicensed breeder in southern Missouri operating the River Valley Puppies Kennel set fire to his kennel, home and barn after the dogs were let loose.  The Department of Ag seized over 200 dogs and they are working with shelters across the state to place them.


Stories like this make our blood boil.  We wonder how someone could see an animal as a puppy-machine and not the loving and intelligent creature they are.  Here at Wayside we have to see the ugly side of puppy mills.  One of those small breed dogs who came to us last week was missing a paw.  That’s right – a paw.  How does this happen?  Was it an accident?  A genetic defect?  We will never know.  Our team will work to make them healthy and comfortable while they are here.


What can we do?


Adopt from shelters!  Don’t look in the newspaper for a pet.  Taking home a “free to good home” pet only encourages the problem – the owner probably didn’t alter the mom or dad so this WILL happen again. 

If you have a pet at home who needs to be fixed, there are low cost options in Kansas City.  We have a list of them on our website.

Most of us who live in Missouri, know the laws regarding animal welfare are lax.  We need to consistently talk to our city- and state-elected officials to get more laws on the books to help protect our four-legged friends.


Consider donating to Wayside Waifs so we can care for these victims of abuse and neglect.


Let us know how you feel about this subject by leaving a comment below!

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