Senior to Senior program offers benefits for pets & people

Wayside’s Senior to Senior program encourages the adoption of older Waifs who have many years of love and companionship left to give – but who often have trouble finding a forever home.

The Senior to Senior program offers half-price adoption to people age 60 and over who select a pet who is at least 6 years old. For older adults – especially those on a fixed income – the discounted adoption ($37.50 for cats, $55 for dogs) is designed to make it a little easier to make the decision to adopt a new pet.

Pet ownership offers many benefits for people in their golden years. According to the Humane Society of the United States, a pet in an elderly person’s life can offer a sense of well being, a sense of encouragement, and even a reason for living.

Being responsible for another life often gives new meaning to the lives of those who are living alone or far from loved ones. Caring for and providing a loving home to a companion animal also helps elderly people to remain active and stay healthy.

In addition, older animals are a great fit for older adults. Animal care professionals often advise seniors to consider adopting an adult dog or cat because older animals are more likely to be calm and housetrained, and less likely to exhibit unpredictable behavior or high energy.

Are you ready to adopt?
If you are over 60 and are interested in adopting a pet, be sure you have the time and the means to care for a pet, both physically and financially.

If you are ready to adopt and want to take advantage of our Senior to Senior program, we invite you to visit Wayside Waifs during our adoption hours. Our professional Adoption Center staff will help you find the best “over 6” companion to fit your lifestyle and needs. Together we will make sure the fit is perfect for you and your pet.

Visit the adoption process page on our website to learn more and to take a look at the animals currently available for adoption. Each waif’s age is listed under its photo.

Some information adapted from the HSUS article Senior Partners: Older Americans and Mature Pets.

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