Jan 5 2009

Happy New Year from your friends at Wayside Waifs

As we start a new year, I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the people who make Wayside Waifs such a unique and wonderful place.

To our wonderful adoptive families, foster families, donors, volunteers, and staff members: thank you for being part of Wayside. Together, we are doing all we can to save all adoptable animals and building a stronger community-wide network of resources to support all animal lovers.

Every day, I am heartened by the resilience of the animals we have the privilege of caring for – from strays whose stories are a mystery to us, to beloved pets who have been surrendered by their owners, to animals rescued from puppy mills and other tragic situations.

Their willingness to trust their human caretakers and give us all another chance – even if their past experience should have taught them otherwise – is humbling and inspiring.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking trend in 2008 has been the hard economic times which have forced more pet owners to surrender their animals. Thankfully, the many people who support Wayside have made it possible to care for our record number of waifs. While the growing number of strays and surrendered pets is disheartening, we’re gratified to have placed so many in loving homes – 4,941 pets were adopted from Wayside in 2008!

The animals in our care don’t know it’s a new year, but they all deserve new beginnings.

If you can’t adopt a pet, then there are many ways you can make a difference – including the simple act of spreading the word to family, friends, and colleagues about what we do at Wayside and how they can make a difference. To start with, you can help us build a wider community of animal lovers by bookmarking this blog (just click on the RSS feed button at the top of the blog) and sharing it with others who care about homeless animals.

Thank you for your support. From all of us at Wayside – on two legs and four legs – best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

–Patti Glass, President

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