Nov 8 2016

Meet Ella!



Meet Ella! Ella is a strong, happy girl who has survived a lot during her years. And even in the middle of life’s biggest challenges, she greets every moment of ever day with a happy smile and deep appreciation. Her delightful attitude and love of life makes her such a special dog!




Ella is a beautiful, 5-year-old, 87-pound German Shepherd mix with gentle brown eyes. She’s lived in a foster home during her stay at Wayside and she is completely housebroken! A wonderful house guest. Even though she doesn’t like to dwell on the past, we think it’s important for you to hear her story and know what she’s gone through before coming to Wayside Waifs.



She lived her entire life on a chain without shelter or food and clean water. She was forced to have litter after litter of puppies until the day she was finally rescued from that chain! She found her way to us, but her struggle didn’t end there. The staff at Wayside refused to give up on her, and motivated her to have hope and not give up on herself. Along her journey, she had to have one leg amputated but she’s getting along really well and adjusting to life with 3 legs. During rehab, she’s been warm and cozy in her foster home while she waits for the perfect family to give all of her love to.




Ella is well behaved, patient, and calm in her foster home. She loves to curl up next to foster mom on the couch and rest her head in foster mom’s lap. She’s playful too! Even though she gets tired easily, she still likes to have a good time. She loves her food and treats but is careful to never beg foster mom for her human food. Since she’s living with other dogs, foster mom makes sure she has a safe, quiet place to eat, which Ella loves! She’ll do fine in a home with other furry friends, but wouldn’t mind being your only companion either. She’s a joy to have around, with an incredibly positive vibe which she brings wherever she goes.




Ella needs a family who will be dedicated to her rehab process while showering her with endless love. With patience and a gentle heart, Ella will blossom into the amazing companion that she is. If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle dog like Ella, please go to to read more about her.


Oct 21 2016

Meet Conway!

This adorable guy is Conway! He is this weeks Waif of the Week and he really hopes he’ll find his family soon! Are you looking for a loving, handsome guy like him? Keep reading and let Conway tell you why he should be your next best friend….




“Hi there, I’m Conway! I’m fun, I’m playful, and I’m ready to be your dog! I hope you want that too. I hope you take one look into my sweet eyes and realize that we were meant to be together. That will be the start of something really special, I can feel it. No one on earth will appreciate you more than I will. I am an all-around lovely and precious dog.


I’m a handsome and athletic, already housebroken, 55 pound Lab/Rottweiler mix. I’m an adorable mixture of sweetness and strength. And it’s a beautiful sight to watch me run and play. I’m only a year old, but I’ve already struggled finding my way in the world. I came to Wayside as a stray via the Belton, MO Animal Control. And I found a home for a while, but I didn’t get along with the other dog. So now I’m back and I’m specifically looking for you! Is that ok? Despite my struggles, I’m a happy-go-lucky dog that loves to be by your side.


I like to keep busy and one of my very favorite things to do is to splash around in the water. Maybe you’re looking for a dog you can take along to the lake with you? I’d like that! Of course a baby pool works just great for me too….I’m not picky and it’s the simple things in life that make me the happiest. I’m also super smart and I already know all sorts of commands, including sit, down, come, shake, and stay. Whew! I can learn more cool things too, if you’d like to teach me! I’m eager to please, a keen listener, and I’m very motivated by praise and tasty treats, so the sky is truly the limit with what I can learn. I will thrive if you stay calm and patient with me and if you use positive reinforcement, so that I can learn what you expect from me. Once I figure it out, I’ll be all over it, because more than anything, I want to make you happy. I love to go for walks or play in a fenced in backyard. I’m not the sort of dog who will enjoy going to a dog park, but I hope to have a yard to run and play in. Sometimes I pull on my leash, so a harness works just great for me. After lots of exercise, I’m an expert at cuddling next to you on the couch and I love getting attention from you.
I’d love to meet the whole family before we all go home together please. My play sometimes gets rough and rowdy with other dogs, so for the time being, I’d prefer to be your only dog. Don’t worry though…I will be happy to give you so much doggie love that I’ll be enough for you! But please bring the kids out and all the adults too, so that we can make sure we’re all a good fit for each other.

I hope you decide to come out to meet me! And I hope we hit it off and become family. I promise to be a loving and loyal companion to you. I know what it’s like to feel alone and I don’t want to ever be homeless again, so I will try my very best, every single day, to make you happy and proud of me. How about it? I need you!
Love, Conway

P.S. So, the other day I got to go on a field trip with my favorite volunteer! She said I was an excellent companion and incredibly well behaved. I was perfect riding in the car. And then we went hiking and exploring. After that, it felt amazing just to stretch out on a blanket for a little cuddle time together. It felt so good just being a normal dog for a change. No noisy shelter, no reminders that I’m homeless, no one to interrupt my happiness and contentment. I was just a dog, hanging out with someone I loved. I long for a lifetime of days and feelings like that.”



We hope you’ll stop by soon to meet this playful guy, but in the mean time be sure to check out his pawsome video!

Sep 26 2016

Meet Memphis!


Meet Memphis! This sweet, goofy guy is a 75-pound Mastiff mix who’s looking for a home. He was transferred to Wayside Waifs when his last shelter ran out of space for him. Now that he’s settled in, he’s more than ready to find his peeps and get to his new fur-ever home!

Are you looking for a laid-back companion who will enjoy relaxing around the house with you? Memphis is your guy! He would be a great friend to children and other canine companions, too. Memphis is super smart and eager to learn all the exciting things you have to teach him. With some positive encouragement and some extra treats for motivation, he’ll be able to learn the ropes in no time.

He loves to stay active by taking long walks. He’s an explorer who enjoys the exciting sights and smells that the great outdoors has to offer. He has great leash manners, too so staying healthy will be something fun you can enjoy together!

Memphis is an independent guy who won’t ask for much. He’ll let you know how much he loves you by curling up by your side to enjoy some belly rubs. As you can see in his picture, he also likes to stick out his tongue for fun! If you’re looking for a silly, fun, loving companion, come by Wayside Waifs soon to see Memphis! Tail wags!

Sep 12 2016

Meet Waif of the Week, Ayla!


Meet Ayla! Ayla is proud to be one of this week’s Waifs of the Week and is hoping this will be her time to get noticed by her new peeps! Ayla first came to Wayside Waifs when her old shelter ran out of space for her. She was then adopted, but brought back when her owners were worried about her health. When she arrived back at Wayside, we did everything we could to make sure Ayla was in amazing health and feeling more than ready to find her fur-ever home! She’s back and better than ever, waiting for the best family to go home with.


Ayla is an adorable, Hound/American Blue Heeler who is 1 year and 8 months old. Like most young dogs, she’s energetic and loves to play! She did great with the 6-year-old she used to live with, so if you have little ones at home she’ll make a great companion. She loves to go on walks and does grr-eat when she uses her easy walk harness. Getting active can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you! Ayla could also try daycare or dog parks.




Ayla is a very smart pup. She already know the commands sit, down, and stay and she’s the type of dog who’s always eager to learn. With some basic obedience training she’ll be able to add even more to that list. She’s extra motivated to learn when you give her yummy treats or fun toys to play with!


If you’re looking for a companion who is sweet, smart, and beautiful, Ayla is your girl. With those big brown eyes, you’re sure to fall in love at first sight! Ayla would love to meet you so stop by Wayside Waifs soon!


Tail wags!    13900371_10207258512440896_581040864690884795_n

Sep 9 2016

Joy Ella!


Hi there!  Hello!  I’m Joy Ella and I’m looking for a new home with really loving people to call my very own.  I hope that might be you!  I hope you will see my sweet smile and beautiful brindle fur and adorable expression and decide that I am the perfect match for your family.  I need you to be patient with me though, because it takes me a little extra time to bond with you and learn to trust you.  But once I do, I’m your loyal, loving, affectionate companion forever.

My life has been challenging, that’s for sure, but I’m a survivor and I try my best never to let things get me down.  I found myself homeless and alone in Emporia, KS, before getting transferred here to Wayside.  When I got here, my ears were horribly infected and sore.  They’re much better now though, thank you!  I’m feeling just great these days and I’m so ready to finally find my forever family.  I’ve been working really hard with a dedicated group of volunteers to be the best dog I can be.  And as my behavior has improved, so has my outlook on life.  Everything has clicked for me lately and I’m blossoming into an attentive, sweet, happy dog with so much love to give.  If you will be patient and gentle with me, and remember that I’m trying my best to fit in, I will become your best friend for life.  It just takes time with me.

I’m a 48 pound bundle of cuteness.  I’m friendly and loving, but not in a clingy or overly cuddly sort of way.  And I can be independent and even reserved at times, until I get to know you.  I respond really well to positive reinforcement training.  If you praise me and offer me tasty treats when I’m a good girl, I will quickly learn what you expect from me and it will help us bond at the same time.  I already know all sorts of commands that I can’t wait to show you!  Please let me go at my own pace as I get acclimated to my new life with you.  I can’t wait to get to the point where I feel safe and cared for, knowing that I’m home with you forever.

I’m a wonderful exercise partner and I love to get out in the fresh air for a walk or run as often as possible.  I walk well on my leash and try my best not to pull you.  And I’ve recently joined the Wayside Running Program.  I’m consistent and focused and happy as I run. It makes me feel good and so healthy.  I like to stay active, so I hope you like that too.  I’d love to meet the whole family before we all go home together, please.  I’m looking for a home without kids under the age of at least 5, since I startle easily and sometimes I get overly excited when I’m playing with my toys.  And I’d like to be your only animal, please.  I’m not really reactive to other dogs when I’m on my leash, but I don’t want to live with them.  And I don’t get along well with cats or other small, furry animals. Thanks for understanding.

I’m so glad you took the time to read about me.  You make me feel special!  Now I’m ready for a lifetime of special moments, for letting my guard down and learning to relax, for spending the rest of my precious life with you!  Please give me that chance and come to Wayside Waifs to meet me. You can also check out my PAW-SOME video!
Love and tail wags,

Joy Ella

Aug 30 2016

Waif of the Week, Loki!



It’s that time of year again! Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching. Do you have any PAW-SOME plans? Make your holiday weekend grrr-eat by adopting a new family member during our “Labra-day” special! This weekend, all adoption fees for dogs 5 months or older are only $50. There’s no better time to fall in love with one of our Waifs, like the amazing Loki!  Loki has earned the title as Waif of the Week this week, and for good reason! This handsome guy is a brindle-furred Basset Hound/Terrier mix. His short and long Bassett body makes him irresistibly adorable. He weighs about 52 pounds and is full of love.


This friendly guy has tons of personality and he loves most everyone he meets. His last home wasn’t the right fit so he’s here in hopes of finding his perfect place. He did great with the cat in his last home and his 3-year old, 2-legged companion! He was fully crate trained and mostly house trained so learning the ways of his new home shouldn’t take long.


He LOVES to go on car rides and will enjoy running errands with you. He just wants to be included in your life as much as possible! He’ll do great with other canine companions in the home, preferably ones with the same energy level as him. He has a moderate energy level so he’s the perfect blend of active and relaxed. Being healthy makes everyone happy, dogs and people alike, so stay active with Loki by taking long walks and exploring the awesome sites and sounds of the world. Loki does awesome on his leash when he uses his easy walk harness so it will be a fun activity for everyone! After long walks he loves to snuggle up with you and relax the night away with some quality belly rubs.


Loki is very smart and eager to learn. He already knows the commands sit, down, and come but he’s ready to learn even more! He’s extra motivated by praise or yummy treats so when he does something well give him lots of positive encouragement and his favorite snack and he’ll be sure to repeat the behavior.


Loki has also joined the Waif Runners Program! His running partner says he’s a natural. If you like to run and would love a furry exercise buddy, Loki is your guy!


This sweet, happy fellow is ready for his fur-ever home. He might just be the one for you! Come out to Wayside Waifs to meet this loving pup soon. Learn more about Loki on our website!


Aug 9 2016

Betsy, Waif of the Week!

Let me tell you about my friend, Betsy! This precious Retriever/Lab mix is ready to find her fur-ever home. After coming to Wayside from another shelter that was full, she was very scared and shy. Betsy wasn’t sure how to walk on a leash, play with toys, or even interact with other dogs. She was then enrolled in a special program here at Wayside Waifs called Confidence College. This program helps shy and fearful dogs learn how to interact and come out of their shell! She did grrr-eat when volunteers showed her how much fun walks and playing can be. Betsy learned to relax around other dogs and open up a little. She soon graduated then spent some time in a foster home where she did fabulously.



Her foster parents learned a lot about Betsy during her stay. She absolutely LOVES to go on walks and has great leash manners.


When inside, though, she doesn’t mind relaxing and laying around all day.


She’s very cuddly and loves to lean up on people.  When you sit down Betsy won’t hesitate to crawl up in your lap and sit with you. She’s full of love and kisses to give! Staff and volunteers even started calling her ‘Velcro Dog’ because she loves people and being by your side.





Another fun fact about Betsy is that she loves cats! She’s currently staying in a foster home with another foster cat named Stella. Stella and Betsy are the best of friends and enjoy cuddling and nose kisses. Betsy would love to find a home with a feline friend! Betsy has really improved her social skills with other dogs, too. She came in not knowing how to interact with other dogs but since then she has been able to break out of her shell and make some friends! She will still need to be socialized appropriately and slowly with other dogs but she gives appropriate warnings when she’s feeling uncomfortable. With the right dog she could make a great pal!





This cuddle bug also loves to explore. Here Betsy studies art at Avila University. The work has no name plate, so Betsy calls it Dipylidium Caninum Infinitus. (Betsy is very intelligent.)




Betsy needs a loving, patient home with people who will give her attention and help her really blossom into the amazing companion she’s destined to be. If you’re looking for a sweet, quiet dog, maybe even one who loves cats, Betsy is your gal. Schedule a time to meet her by calling Wayside Waifs! In the mean time, take a look at her adorable video.


Tail wags!


Aug 3 2016

Cricket, Cricket!


Three great ways to describe Cricket? Here they are!

1. LAP MAGNET: Looking for a cat to relax with? Cricket is your girl. Staff and volunteers adore her obsession with trying out every single lap that she can get her paws on. Once she has found JUST the right spot, she will start making biscuits (affectionately kneading her paws), she will lean in for a quick kiss or two, and will purr to her hearts content. If you have a lap (everyone does!) Cricket is sure to give you the royal treatment.13872996_656383621179705_4280245657705628131_n

2. Predictable: In Cricket’s world predictable certainly doesn’t mean boring-it means predictably affection and cute! The second you walk through her suite door she will give you a quick meow or two, hop down off her favorite chair or cat tree, and assess your lap for comfort. Once you have passed the test, she will jump up and plop right down! We love her predictably cute routine!13631569_10210249710344929_2655804706409377244_n

3. Petite: Cricket is a petite beauty! When she developed her lap sitting habit, we think she knew she was just the right size. Not only is she petite, but look at those beautiful blue eyes of hers! The only way to really appreciate this girl’s beauty is by heading out to Wayside to meet her. She would love to have another lap added to her bucket list!13619940_10210249710504933_5205329672614830742_n

Cricket would LOVE for you to come visit her at Wayside Waifs, but until then check out her profile and watch her video here:



Jul 18 2016

Waif of the Week – Grant!

Hey there, I’m Grant! You may not have heard yet that I was chosen as one of Wayside’s Waifs of the Week! I’m enjoying the attention, but I’d love to be able to wear the adopted ‘crown’ soon and get to my fur-ever home! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. You probably had to do a double take when you saw my photo because of my unique black and white coloring. I may have the markings of a cow, but I am in fact an adorable, little kitty. I’m 4 years old and ready to meet my purr-fect peeps! You may have noticed my beautiful golden eyes, too! I don’t like to brag but I sure do get a lot of compliments on them.

Don’t be mislead, I’m much more than a pretty face. I’m sweet, loving, affectionate and smart and I’m going to make the BEST companion to my people. I came to Wayside after being lost and alone as a stray. I was lonely and scared but then Wayside Waifs welcomed me with open arms and I just know this will be my last stop before finding my home.

I’m pretty much the perfect package: a confident, curious, affectionate, playful boy. My favorite toys are mice toys and feather wands. We’ll have so much fun chasing and playing together! I also LOVE snuggling up in a comfy lap, so if you have one of those, that would be PAW-SOME! My favorite thing at Wayside is to park myself in a good lap and watch all the cats and people around me – so entertaining!

If you’re looking for a fabulous feline who’s sweet and friendly with an unforgettable face, please moooove on down to Wayside and ask for me, Grant! Hope to see you soon!



Jul 6 2016

Summer Safety Tips for your Feline Friends!

Though many greet summer with excitement over warm weather, open pools, or a break from classes it is also a season when cat owners need to be especially careful. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you take care of your feline friend this summer.


1. Keep Your Cat Indoors

Cats are especially sensitive to hot weather and are far more comfortable inside with air conditioning than they are out in the heat. Keep your cat inside as much as possible, only bringing them out when absolutely

2. Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Just like humans, cats are particularly vulnerable to heat stroke during the hot summer months. Symptoms of heatstroke in cats include panting, restlessness, sweaty paws, staggering, very red gums, or vomiting. If you notice these symptoms in your cat get them out of the heat and to a vet if the symptoms don’t

3. Ensure Your Cat Has Access to Shade

If you do bring your cat outside, make sure that they can move to a shaded area to cool down. Cats’ paws are especially sensitive to hot pavement and can easily burn if they are on it too long. Additionally, cats’ bodies can easily sunburn if they are sitting in direct sunlight for too long despite being covered in

4. Don’t Leave Your Cat in the Car

On hot days the temperature inside a car can rise exponentially in just minutes. In these conditions a cat left in the car can quickly succumb to heatstroke that could lead to death. If you are driving with your cat in the car with you keep the air conditioning on and make sure to take them with you when you leave.Cats

5. Watch Out For Bugs

Bugs, specifically stinging insects such as wasps and bees, can annoy or even harm your cat. Make sure to keep your cat away from these insects because they may decide it is a fun game to swat at the bugs. Sugary drinks attract these insects so don’t leave them around.

Summer will be both fun and safe for your cat if you use these five tips!cat-1461908_1920

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